We generate £37bn from our kitchen tables (and that’s just for starters)

The kitchen and dining area have become the most lucrative money-making locations in Britain, generating £37.4 billion to the economy during lockdown.

That’s the suggestion from newly-published research that reveals that although restrictions are being lifted, 41 per cent of office workers are expected to continue their jobs from home – and 44 per cent of those saying it’s the most productive place they have ever worked.

For office workers – with 67 per cent working for SMEs and the remaining 33 per cent for global heavyweights – over a quarter of them said their bosses see no point in returning to costly office spaces. Almost two in ten are shutting them down completely.

Expanding: de Ryckman de Betz

And this has many without the advantage of a home or garden office have had to get creative, according to the research commissioned by Attic Self Storage.

A quarter of those questioned said they are now making their homes multifunctional; decorating, converting or decluttering. And more than half of this emerging Kitchen Table Talent say they would opt for storage over upsizing. They were even able to list of the most productive places:


  1. Kitchen table / dining area
  2. Sofa / living room
  3. Bedroom
  4. Home office/ study
  5. Garden / garden shed
  6. Balcony
  7. Garage
  8. Children’s room
  9. Campervan
  10. Bathroom

There is also expected to be a resurgence of entrepreneurship in Britain, with nearly two in five saying they are considering their own venture as a result of the pandemic, inspired by location or independence, or just wanting to spend more time with families.

The favourite industry was technology and software, followed by consultancy, eCommerce, finance and investments or arts & crafts.

Traditional self employed roles in property and construction came fifth. Health and fitness, something that has sustained many personal trainers came in at nine and last was education, fueled partly by the rise in online learning platforms.

These are expected to generate around £54 billion for the economy – where on average those going it alone hope to make around £4,781 a month at their kitchen/dining tables.

Attic CEO Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, said: “We have seen an increase in business leaders and Kitchen Table Talent opting for storage over office space or upsizing their properties over recent months. It’s great to see that Brits are finding new ways of working to boost the economy.”

The knock-on effect: Attic itself is now expanding by opening new locations including one in Marylebone this August offering  27/7 access.