The technology your business needs for the ‘new normal’

Guest post by Duncan Ward

After months of remote working for many businesses, workforces are now returning to the office and flexible work policies are being put in place, allowing staff members to work from wherever they feel most comfortable.

However, regardless of what the ‘new normal’ looks like for your business, it has become apparent that outdated communications technology simply isn’t good enough.

Businesses of all sizes, in all industries, need communications solutions that work consistently from anywhere, with changes in workplace often happening at short notice.

It’s crucial that businesses are able to stay connected both internally and externally, with the basics such as making and taking calls and transferring between departments and additional capabilities like call recording and call reporting, performing seamlessly. Plus, it’s now essential for businesses to be set up at home, on the road, and in the office in a matter of minutes.

With a large number of communications solutions on the market perfectly suited for the ‘new normal’, we have looked at the top three communications solutions that we recommend for your business.

Cloud phone systems with plug and play handsets

Now is the time for all businesses to seriously consider a cloud phone system. Offering plug and play handsets, cloud phone systems have the added benefit that, as they’re hosted in the cloud, they’re accessible from anywhere.

Offering a futureproof setup, cloud phone systems require no additional hardware or cabling, meaning the handsets can be plugged in anywhere there is a WiFi connection. Staff will then be able to make, take and transfer calls as though they were sat at their desk. In addition, staff can easily access the presence function enabling them to let their colleagues know when they’re available and when they’re not. This function is essential to ensure that callers aren’t left on hold while being transferred to the correct department.

Furthermore, cloud phone systems are built to easily integrate with your CRM systems, so that your data is available on your computer, your desk phone and your business mobile. It’s important to remember that while cloud phone systems are futureproof, the traditional features aren’t lost. Managers are able to fully utilise call reporting and call recording, ensuring that they’re aware of all calls coming in and going out. This can help with dispute resolution, training and managing staff working hours.

Video conferencing both internally and externally

Video conferencing is here to stay and it’s not just for catch ups between teams, anymore. It’s predicted that video conferencing will become the expected and preferred method of communication between businesses and customers, as we move into this next phase of working.

While internal communication remains essential, with teams working from different locations, it’s important not to forget the many benefits that video conferencing offers for external communications also. While phone calls and emails are still widely used, video conferencing is much more engaging, as not only can the customer see you ‘face to face’, but you’re also able to share your screen and use instant messenger as well.

One of the main factors in video conferencing being such a big part of the ‘new normal’ is the fact that it can be used from anywhere. Staff can attend a video conference from their desk, their home or even while travelling, as they can be accessed on desk phones, laptops or mobiles.

Keep connected on the move with business mobiles

While plug and play handsets keep your staff covered pretty much anywhere, business mobiles are still a great option for team members working remotely and on the road. Plus, business mobiles can be twinned with your phone system, which essentially turns your business mobiles into an extension of your business phone system.

As a result, business mobiles ensure that no calls are missed. For example, should a member of staff be on a call yet need to leave their home, they can simply switch device and carry on their call using their business mobile, meaning much less disruption for your callers. Plus, when your team are out and about, they’ll still be able to access and update the presence function to ensure that they are taking calls when they’re able to, resulting in no missed calls and no missed sales.

Duncan is CEO of Network Telecom. For more: [email protected]