The doctor injecting life into Lockdown

Dr Joshua Van der Aa

A sought-after Harley Street doctor who fulfilled his dream of opening his own clinic was forced to close after only a week as the country prepared for Lockdown.

But, like many of the hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the business world, he is managing to turn potential disaster into opportunity by putting his efforts into engaging with his patients through social media.

And all this, despite the fact he knows he could get a call at any moment that could place him on the NHS frontline as a key health worker.

Dr Joshua Van der Aa
Eye for detail: Dr Van der Aa at work

Dr Joshua Van der Aa, an aesthetics expert with a strong following among celebrity clients and international socialites, has seen his social media following soar since he locked down in March and, thanks to his policy of offering “flexible” bookings later, is enjoying a surge in enquiries.

“I’m doing much more than conducting consultations via the likes of Skype and Facetime, I’m making sure everyone still gets their skincare delivered,” he said.

“On social media I’m hosting Q and A sessions, opinion giveaways, advice sessions on treatments with before-and-after photos, along with some tongue-in-cheek fun in the form of memes etcetera.

“I’m making the fullest use of Instagram to help educate people about aesthetics during lockdown. The main thing is, I just keep going, building my social presence and engaging as much as possible with followers, many of whom are potential patients.


“It was a shock and a big disappointment to have to shut down my new Harley Street clinic just a week after we finished construction. Unfortunately it felt like the safest option to me, which is why I acted a week before the government measures came in.”

Dr Van der Aa has a growing reputation as an injection-focused expert in aesthetics, known for consistently delivering the most natural results. He is known for his highly personalised method of consultation and ethical, results-based treatment planning.

He has used his expertise to develop an impressive aesthetic and rejuvenation process, and has successfully treated more than 3,000 patients from every corner of the world.

He added: “Soon, I will also be able to offer quick and reliable Coronavirus testing in clinic. This helps quantify the issue and lets people know if they are infectious, free of infection or have already had it, all of which helps to steer their behaviour during lockdown.

“This is especially important for everyone who’s still working; people such as grocery store employees and NHS staff, or people caring for others at the moment.”

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