SME Awards: Meet the judges – Vintage Vibe

Furniture boutique Vintage Vibe is one of the judges for the SME Awards on 23 June. SME caught up with Lisa Williamson so find out what she will be looking for on the night…

What does Vintage Vibe do?

We are an online furniture boutique We also have a shop /showroom in Kent at The HopFarm Paddock Wood.

Why did you decide to get involved with the SME Awards?

We were invited to judge and were very happy to do this, we find it really exciting seeing small businesses thriving and growing in essentially tough trading conditions.

What are you most looking forward to on the night?

I am most excited to network and meet inspiring like-minded people.

What are you looking for in a winner?

We are looking for a company having a passion for their business and they are proud of their product or service and differentiate themselves from the competition.

How can SMEs ensure sustainable, long-term success?

Reinvest in profits, don’t stand still, keeping abreast of market developments, focusing staff development, training and continuous improvement, not taking your eye of cash flow. Planning, forecasting and budgeting

What are your top tips for SMEs?

It take a lot of focus drive and energy, be sure to keep the energy going, if you stand still you can become a dinosaur very quickly , there are no magic bullets, just hard work and love your business.