SME Awards: Meet the judges – Bol Foods

What does Bol Foods do?

BOL is all about making the most amazing dishes from around the world, fresh and ready to eat whenever you like.

At BOL, we mix fresh ingredients with fresh thinking to create delicious new recipes. We promise to always make food that’s as tasty as it is nutritious, and we keep things interesting by adding our unique BOL twist.

Our long term vision is to become the #1 naturally tasty food brand in the UK,

making it easy for busy people to eat well at every time of day.

Why did you decide to get involved with the SME Awards?

It’s so important to celebrate SME success stories as they can be such a testament to individuals creativity and determination to overcome the odds. SME’s are the lifeblood required to keep the economy strong.

What are you most looking forward to on the night?

We are most looking forward to being involved with such a great event and meeting many amazing people doing what they are doing. We are excited to see all of the different categories and meet the people behind them and listening to their insightful journeys. And of course, all of the entertainment the night will bring.

What are you looking for in a winner?

What we are looking for in a winner would be leadership, wellbeing, growth, performance, attitude to their work experience and opportunities they take to give back to the community, as well as what they offer their employees to help maximise their work experience.

What are your top tips for SMEs?

We’re still working this out for ourselves but key bits that we think will help us along the way:

  • Keep the main thing the main thing – in our business it’s all about making great tasting products that will delight are consumers – we should never lose sight of that
  • Inevitably there are loads of potential distractions but there aren’t enough hours in the day so ruthless prioritisation is needed
  • Stay positive and keep believing
  • Great sense of purpose and clear direction
  • Constantly challenge yourselves and others so that you never stand still
  • Working with great people that understand what you’re trying to achieve.