Nimble SMEs more able to adapt to change

Nearly two thirds (60%) of knowledge workers in SMEs in the US, UK and Germany now use cloud-based tools, compared to only 53% in large companies.

These findings from a report commissioned by Unify suggest that SMEs are more agile and quick to adapt to new ways of working than larger firms.

Knowledge workers at SMEs expect to see large changes in their jobs over the next five years.

More than a third (38%) believe their roles will not exist after this timeframe, with almost two-thirds (64%) thinking they will not look the same. In this fast-paced environment, trust is vital.

Around 76% of SME knowledge workers feel they are listened to in their organisation, compared to 71% in larger companies, suggesting they will be well positioned to adapt in the future.

Unify general manager EMPAC channels Thomas Veit said: “Our study not only shows the huge impact technology has had on the industry, but the fact SMBs are adopting and integrating it into every aspect of their work…

“It has also established that knowledge workers are defining how, when and where they do their jobs and SMBs are taking notice. To remain competitive, they must put staff at the forefront of their organisation and technology is the key in achieving this.”