Wunder aiming to drive a revolution in social and giving

A UK start-up which aims to revolutionise the way in which people use social has begun business with the highest ever pre-launch valuation of £25 million.

Wunder, which launched on crowdfunding platform Seedrs, aims to harness the power of social as a force for good. The app claims to be the first social media platform to launch out of the UK that champions giving and making a difference. It will highlight projects, charities and causes around the world, as well as the individuals and the brands that are helping people and the planet.

The app will enable charities and partner brands to showcase campaigns to a receptive, engaged audience of Gen Z and early Millennial users. For these partner businesses, Wunder will deliver behavioural insights to ensure optimal campaign progress and outcomes. For users, it will drive discovery of global eco, social and purpose-driven projects and the opportunity to be part of a positive like-minded community.

Wunder founder and CEO, Jay Boisvert, pictured left, said: “Wunder launches with a laser-focus on harnessing the power of social as a force for good. Our aim is to reboot social, around positivity and inclusivity, and to unite conscious communities around incredible global causes – making it easier than ever to support them – all in an immersive and fun environment”.

Consumers have increasingly high expectations of the way they expect brands to behave. It’s never been more important for businesses to act responsibly for societal and ecological good. Today, purpose-driven consumers align with brands that demonstrate genuine commitment to making a difference. More than ever, ‘authenticity’ is measured in the tangible positive impact they have on the causes they support.

Wunder will address this shift in consumer expectations and help to innovate social media and the giving sector in three core ways:

• A fully verified and safe community – for the first time, in a move specifically designed to counter the negative impact of bullying, trolling and racism issues that are rife across social and set to be addressed by the imminent UK Internet Use parliamentary bill; all Wunder users will be fully verified, with the requirement to register a legitimate form of ID to be able to fully use its features.
• A positive and fun slant – All projects, charities, causes and organic user content featured on Wunder will have a positive ‘good news’ slant, and will highlight user participation and progress as well as successful project outcomes.
• 50% of all advertising revenue is shared with users – Further, Wunder will incentivise user activity by rewarding them with ‘Wunder coins’, which will be funded by 50% of the advertising revenue. Users can gift the in-app currency (with real world value) to the causes and projects that they care about. They can buy coins or earn them by interacting with advertisers’ branded content.

Scott Manson, CMO, Wunder, said: “Wunder is a ground-breaking social media proposition that will break down the barriers to giving and reboot ‘purpose’ and ‘charity’ around values of fun, community and inspiration.”

Nick Ede, Charity Campaigner and Brand Consultant, said: “Wunder is great news for charities and partner brands. For the first time, young people who spend the majority of their time on social media will also have instant access to an empowered community who love to get involved in local and global causes. Their activity on the platform will provide fast feedback on campaign content for the brands and charities involved.

He added: “This will be a game changer for charitable campaigning, enabling brands to measure, adjust and realise the full potential of outreach activities, rapidly.”