How the world of work is changing for small businesses

No longer can the business world be divided into a definite ledger of jobs and tasks that are performed solely for money; companies total contribution and the manner in which they make it defines their value. No longer is it possible for a single person to perform a single task in a time efficient manner when compared to competitors working as a team. The best companies began to function on an internal premise of collaboration rather than competition.

The work that flows from a purposeful choice for excellence will always outpace passionless work. This new way of thinking has turned the most successful career employees away from the careerist approach. Companies began to adapt by reorganising the workspace to uphold the personal mission of each employee while ensuring that all individual purposes were aligned. The primary job of management became the cultivation of this type of workplace as well as the foresight to understand when intentions became misaligned. Overall, companies began to focus on short-term, purposeful engagements for individual employees that allowed those employees to build their portfolios while working towards a single goal.

Businesses that allow this kind of independent collaboration and personal achievement will invariably create the best work. These are the companies that will leave the world better than they found it.

The new employee in this world will narrow his or her niche speciality to a sharpened point to be successful. For instance, the entrepreneurial investment contract lawyer will be much more successful than the general practice attorney. Expertise in the new world of business places a premium on being the number one authority in a certain field, not just any expert.

When companies take this strategy to heart, they will not narrow their market as they narrow their speciality; rather, they will lead their market because of the ability to apply a very honed skill set to problems. The question now becomes how your business moves from simply being good at what you do to being the leading authority: the only business that does what you do.

The answer is clarity of purpose, internal strategy and external implementation.

Excellent planning always leads to a deeply considered strategic approach that gives a business the most opportune chance for a successful market implementation. To cultivate the best strategy, everyone must understand the vision and the pace of the company, and it must break down its collaborative teams into units that function well together. This will bring clarity to all departments of the business, and the vision becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The primary function of business owners today is the creation of this workflow in the office environment.

The main challenge of this approach is in breaking the notion of exchanging time for money. The community becomes the most important aspect of the business, not anyone’s rise within it. It is up to the business owner to tamp down this old-fashioned, political way of thinking.

People with a clear purpose and the companies that support them will be the catalysts of change in the future. They will leave a legacy that will mark this period as one of the most productive in history. Will you join this new way of thinking or become sidelined, slowly but surely finding your individual skill set obsolete?