Win A Public Sector Contract

Grow your SME by winning Public Sector Contracts (the right way!).

Responding to public sector tender opportunities should be carefully considered; they require an investment of time and resources and can be mind-boggling at best, but if done properly can provide business stability and cash flow for years to come. As more stories about government fast-tracks and VIP lanes emerge, it’s also important not feel too disheartened. Based on proven success with SMEs, our team of tender writing experts have created some top tips to win more contracts:

Have a system for finding new opportunities. A routine look at tender listings and alerts will ensure you don’t miss out on vital contracts.

Read the tender properly to make informed decisions. Review all the documents carefully to gather insight into what buyers are really looking for.

Analyse awarded contracts. Build a deeper understanding of the contracts being won and size up the competition.

Identify actions to get fully tender-ready. Don’t just prepare to meet the requirements, establish how you’re going to really beat your competition.

Engage your team early. It could just be you but if you’re relying on other skills, you’ll want to get people briefed to maximise your preparation time.

Evidence your offering. Buyers are risk averse, so they want examples of previous delivery. Don’t simply say you’re an outstanding company, prove it!

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