Why tradesmen need to join the Social club

icki Bamford-Bowes and Edwin Veru

Tradespeople are missing out on huge amounts by having a non-existent or poor social media presence, especially when it comes to targeting younger generations.

Two thousand homeowners aged 23 – 38 were polled by the small business broadband provider Plusnet and it was found that reveals 41 per cent of millennials admited they’re unlikely to fix a household problem themselves, with nearly half even turning to a professional, even for tasks such as painting a wall.

Over half said they relied solely on the internet to book a tradesperson and would avoid speaking to a professional in person or over the phone. They said that online reviews and a social media presence was the biggest thing they look for when looking for professional help.

Being on Facebook or Instagram is even more important than word of mouth and low prices – with a quarter being actively put off hiring someone with no social media at all.

While it is estimated that the UK’s 17 million millennials spend £320.22 on tradespeople per year ­– £29 more than the national average – the results show just two new customers per month could add a huge £7,685 to their pay packet.

Their busy busy lifestyles could be an indicator of the high amount spent on household work – even the smallest tasks such as changing a lightbulb are reported to take over three weeks to get done.

Netflix's Nicki Bamford-Bowes and Edwin Veru
Going social: Nicki Bamford-Bowes and Edwin Veru

Plusnet asked Nicki Bamford-Bowles of Netflix’s Interior Design Masters to help one London decorator improve his DIY social media skills. Nicki, who runs @AndThenTheyWentWild with over 70,000 followers, helped Edwin Veru from Jose Construction & Decoration use Instagram to create the sort of content that would attract new customers.

Plusnet also teamed up with small business experts Enterprise Nation to create ‘The Blueprint: A Guide to Building a Social Business’. Which was designed to help small businesses create a social media strategy with tips for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram written by business owners who have created thriving businesses in the online world.

Nick Silverwood, Head of Business, said: “We know the internet is a powerful tool for business and as a company that strives to support small businesses, we wanted to find out the real difference it can make to independent business owners.

“The results of the survey were incredibly surprising – social media overtaking word of mouth for tradespeople recommendations is a big moment and a fantastic opportunity for tradespeople and all independent businesses to take advantage of social media.”

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