What business can expect in the coming year

By Amanda Coulson, CEO, SVC Solutions

Some may say that 2023 hasn’t started off in the most positive way. Many sectors are on strike, the cost of living remains a concern and there’s a looming recession over our heads. With all of that in mind, business owners are bound to feel anxious and concerned about what lies ahead.

So, let’s start with recruitment.

Recruitment continues to be a huge pain point for a lot of business owners as we continue to navigate through the skills shortage. There are currently thought to be 1.2 million job vacancies in the UK with the IT industry being the most in-demand for workers. However, not all hope is lost. PwC recently reported that more than 300,000 UK workers could re-join the labour market this year.

Having worked in recruitment for over 25 years, I always say that it’s important to create a solution that provides a different approach and at the moment that’s highlighting yourself as an employer of choice with a positive company culture that others want to be part of. What makes you stand out? What are you offering that other companies aren’t? If you get your recruitment right from the outset then you can protect costs and attract the right people.

With the skills gap, I am seeing more and more people stressed about work, leaders are starting to become more involved in day to day activity rather than growing the business because the right people for the right roles simply can’t be found. In this instance, a clear strategy should be set. Avoid the scatter gun approach of using job boards and multiple agencies in the hope that something will work, employers need to stop and talk to the right people, take this pressure off themselves. Traditional recruitment has changed so much and I feel so passionate about this, with a structured approach, costs can be kept realistic, you just have to be open for change.

Staff retention is also paramount for 2023. One way to do this is by having the right wellbeing and support in place. This could be through ensuring access to quality coaching as well as providing training opportunities for your team. Not only does this allow them to grow in their roles and feel valued but it also allows you to close the skills gap and meet your business needs. Empower your people to be the best they can be.

According to the CIPD, the top three wellbeing benefits for employees include a healthier and more inclusive culture, better work-life balance and better employee morale and engagement.

We should all aim to create a supportive office culture where people can feel safe and secure. The right leadership is needed here to understand that the way we are all working has changed forever. This is where leadership training is vital. Quality leadership training can really bring out the best in people whilst boosting productivity within your team.

As a business owner we are all looking at protecting our investments and being confident that what we are investing in is right. I cannot express enough that wellbeing and the sense of feeling valued empowers employees so recruitment and training needs to be taken seriously in 2023.

Amanda Coulson is CEO of SVC Solutions which provides 360 business solutions from HR and health and safety to recruitment and training and development