Case Study: WeSUP – stand-up paddleboarding in Falmouth

Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP as it’s known, has become one of the most exciting and fastest growing watersports in the country.

First in the UK to offer a dedicated SUP centre was Falmouth’s very own ‘WeSUP’ and the business has been going from strength to strength for the last seven years, encompassing the development of a stunning shipping container conversion in 2016.

Founder Sean White came from a background in music and artist management. His ambitions to develop a watersport centre were born out of a passion for the sport and an intense desire to live by the ocean to enjoy a lifestyle far removed from his chaotic job in London’s busy music scene.

Falmouth offered an exciting prospect for business in Cornwall unlike anywhere else in the county. A busy university town, a popular tourist destination and a thriving community all add up to a fantastic, transient population of new and regular customers who keep business flowing almost all year.

Geographically, Falmouth also has a huge amount to offer WeSUP. Stunning caves and rock formations, an abundance of marine wildlife including dolphins and diving birds, ancient castles and historic shipwrecks are just a few of the wonders that people visiting WeSUP can see and enjoy from a unique perspective.

Not to mention the fact that Gylly Beach sits in one of the most sheltered ocean locations in the country so paddlers can enjoy nice clear and calm waters all year round.

In the beginning WeSUP was certainly a micro business. In fact almost nobody had heard of SUP so Sean set about trying to persuade 10 customers a week to give it go, often for free.

This year WeSUP is on track to introduce upwards of 5,000 new people to the sport and boasts an exciting array of beginner SUP activities and more advanced tours and adventures. WeSUP is actually the country’s first adventure SUP centre and specialises in coastal tours and expeditions.

Among many other exciting adventures around the world, Sean was the first to SUP the entire 252 miles of the Cornish coastline un-supported in just seven days.

His experiences have been translated into exciting and accessible adventures right here in Cornwall but also directly into the retail space at WeSUP where they sell a bespoke collection of high-end adventure gear and products from world class brands such as Finisterre, Fanatic and Black & Blum.

Working with Oxford Innovation and Unlocking Cornish Potential, WeSUP are now just a few months off delivering the world’s first global franchise for stand-up paddleboarding. It’s an exciting and innovative project that will enable anyone to set up a world class SUP centre.

Sean White
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