Vodafone ad push targets SMEs

Vodafone has launched its largest advertising campaign focused on SMEs, designed to show how they can harness the power of technology to thrive in a new ‘post pandemic’ world.

The new brand positioning – Together We Can – is designed to reflect the belief that when working together, humanity and technology can create a better future. The campaign will run until 3 August across broadcast and online channels with a view of reaching 93 per cent of UK SMEs.

They teamed up with creative agency, Ogilvy and production company, Knucklehead to create three short short stories to illustrate the point.

The campaign looks at three businesses – an antique shop, a start-up and an architecture firm – to show how businesses, no matter their size, can flourish and prosper with key digital technologies such as website building tools, virtual office capabilities and 5G.

It follows the pandemic months which witnessed a surge in entrepreneurshipwith a record 772,000 start-ups being formed in 2002.

Andrew Stevens, Head of Small Business, said: “We are committed to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes. This campaign demonstrates what can happen when you turn your passions into a business. By shining a light on real entrepreneurs that have made this leap, we hope it encourages others to see what’s possible.”

The campaign launches a year on from the launch of Vodafone’s V-Hub platform designed to help small businesses develop their digital capabilities as they get back on their feet.