Why Vantaa in Finland would be good for business

Aviapolis Airport City is the hottest business hub in the coolest country in Europe, and five other reasons to locate your enterprise in Vantaa, Finland

Are you considering where you would locate your company for the European and Asian markets? Are you looking for a location where your international business activity would be cost-effective and streamlined?

If your answer to these questions is yes, did you know that Finland’s fourth largest – and most quickly growing – city Vantaa is an excellent option? Here are five reasons why you should advance Vantaa to the very top of your option list.

  1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. The Helsinki Airport located in Vantaa is the fastest and easiest route to both the Asian and European Union markets. There are connections to 145 locations in over 50 countries from the airport, and nearly 20 million passengers pass through it every year. There are currently already 1,900 businesses, of which nearly 500 are in international trade, located at the airport city Aviapolis. There are already about 36,000 workplaces and more are under construction. For this reason, even more information sector, field specialist, and international businesses are being brought to the area. In brief, Vantaa is the best possible location for business in the Nordic countries.
  2. HIGH SKILLS AND EDUCATIONAL LEVEL. Finns are known to be a skilful and well educated people, and now those educated people are heading to Vantaa.The country’s fastest growing business district Aviapolis is an especially interesting work and living location for the international, highly educated, and mobile movers and shakers of the future. The universities, colleges, and vocational schools of the capitol city region guarantee that skilful young workers are available also for the needs of your company.
  3. COST LEVEL. On a European scale, the cost of living and conducting business in Finland and Vantaa is affordable. Here you can afford to invest and still have chips left over with which to conduct business. Along with the positive development of population and business growth in Vantaa, the value of real estate and commercial property will also grow in the future, so you are also guaranteed a return on your investment.
  4. LANGUAGE SKILLS. Finns know English and many other languages relatively well, even if they do not necessarily admit it because of their humbleness. Business meetings and trades go ahead without a hitch with Finns. Vantaa is Finland’s most international city, with 18% of the population coming from abroad. Over 100 different languages can already be heard on the city’s streets. So, welcome to Vantaa!
  5. Finns are a strong and honest people, with whom it is not complicated to collaborate. We are straightforward, trustworthy, and practical. Finns are considered one of the world’s happiest peoples, our country has the least corruption, and its standard of living is one of the top of the world. Vantaa has an especially relaxed and business-friendly atmosphere. Why not grab hold of the opportunity to be part of this success?

Aren’t you convinced yet? In addition, Vantaa’s Aviapolis is being developed into a pedestrian city, where it is possible to live a car-free life. New travel and adventure services are also emerging quickly in the airport city. The transportation connections and public transport in Vantaa are in their own class. The growth of employment and residential areas support each other, and the international atmosphere creates image appeal. This is the right time for you to grab this unique opportunity and jump on board Vantaa’s growth and development!

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Jose Valanta is Director of Business Development at the City of Vantaa.
[email protected]