Twitter comes of age

On March 21, Twitter saw its thirteenth birthday. Chris Haines, director of consulting, at content management solutions provider Amplience offers insight into how the growth of Twitter has changed the game for both B2B and B2C brands, and how it has led a customer engagement revolution.

Chris Haines, director of consulting, Amplience.

Twitter has officially hit its teens. The rise of social media has led to a decisive shift in customer priorities. The likes of Twitter have changed how we understand and interact with brands, both in our lives as consumers and as professionals. While product quality still matters a great deal, increasingly brand loyalty is driven by experience. Shoppers are seeking an added social aspect to their engagement, especially when it comes to crucial sales periods and campaign activations. But advertising is just one element of a successful social media strategy.

“The accessibility of social media is heavily influencing the very form of the content brands rely on to enhance experiences. These platforms’ focus on visuals and video provide the perfect platform for showcasing engaging brand content, especially for lifestyle consumer brands. Social media also provides a sense of belonging, a community of opinion, and the vindication of choice. Positive customer sentiment can be collected and integrated into the retailer website as user-generated content (UGC).

Engaging with UGC is a great way of making an impact on social media without the heavy spending of social ad campaigns. Providing a location where customers can engage with your brand through its values and real users literally brings your brand to life”

Pictured: Chris Haines, director of consulting, Amplience.