Traditional business practices need a modern spin

The world is constantly moving, progressing and evolving, nothing ever stands still. The business world is no different. The way that people connect, communicate and do business today is not the same was twenty, ten or even five years ago. However, are the new ways necessarily the best? Managing director of Kelly Turkeys, Paul Kelly, shares his three traditional business practices that should make a modern comeback this year

Technology has made things more efficient and processes have been refined however, there are still a few practices that a lot of business professionals still benefit from and should be here to stay. Since the bribery act came into place in 2010, benefits have become more monetary focused and the act of gifting clients and staff for example, has become far less common. However, this was a tradition that many businesses used to sustain healthy relationships and show a more personal side to the business.

Face to Face meetings

While modern technology such as FaceTime and Skype can make meetings with potential clients easier and quicker, communicating face-to-face is becoming less common. We’re losing vital connections with one another as a screen overtakes a meeting table and the authenticity of relationships can be lost.

Operating a family-run company that has spanned 3 generations, I know all too well the importance of relationships; our entire business is built on strong ones. Personality can be hard to project digitally and ultimately people buy from people, so while you may be able to close a deal over the phone or over email, you are much more likely to gain repeat business, referrals and cement a long-lasting working relationship if you’ve met the prospective customer face-to-face. In my industry particularly, I have become the face of Kelly Turkeys and it is often your personality that gives you an edge over your competitors so it is important you are able to get this across to your customers.

Corporate Gifting

While pay reviews and monetary bonuses have their place, businesses often overlook or are reluctant to approach the idea of corporate gifting. Practiced well and in accordance with business ethics, it can be a vital part of your staff reward scheme or hospitality arrangements for clients and add a very personal touch. Corporate gifts are given to either a client or internally to individual staff members.

Not only is corporate gifting tax efficient for you as a company, it’s a more thoughtful and authentic way of showing appreciation in the workplace.

Common examples are gifting a bottle of wine or a hamper but as a company we have been suggesting the seasonal gift of a turkey for employees at Christmas – a gift that everyone would most certainly value!

Business Cards

Networking is still and will always be a fundamental part of creating and maintaining relationships within the business world. Sharing company information and contact details has moved from paper form to mobile and in turn, it can be said that it’s made it more confusing to create relationships.

Seen as a much more formal way of communicating, business cards should never go out of fashion; in certain circles it is still seen as basic business etiquette. You just never know when you might meet a potential business connection and the traditional business card provides immediate access to a person’s details. It is still faster to hand over a professional card than it is to fumble with a phone and awkwardly exchange numbers. A business card creates a first impression of your company’s brand too, so if you’re going to use them, make sure they are done to the highest quality so they really make an impact!