Three things every female business leader needs to know about herself for true success

By Jennifer Soran Boon, coach, speaker and author

Being a business leader takes many attributes such as grit, determination and ambition. What is often overlooked though is the need to do the deeper work to explore and know ourselves so we can lead in a way to inspire those around us and gives us sturdiness in who we are showing up as.

How to get started: Embrace shadow work

Shadow work is looking at the behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that are not in our awareness yet are impacting how we show up. When we know what we have in our shadow and we shine a light and go there to heal ourselves we develop a sturdiness in who we are as a leader and as a person. We develop awareness of our strengths and challenges and from that place are able to lead and bring people on board who can support where we truly need support.

To start the work in knowing your shadow, start paying attention to the thoughts that are on repeat within you. Become aware of the beliefs and ask yourself if they are helping you show up as the leader you are wanting to be. Looking at ourselves – all parts of ourselves gives us the edge in how we are in business as we will know what our trigger points are and can greet that part within us with love and healing.

Develop your intuition

When you know and can really tune into your inner wisdom, your intuition – it guides you in a way that cuts through the heaviness and lets you get to the heart of where you need to focus. Having a strong connection to your intuition is imperative in life and when you lead others, it is a necessity to ensure that you are being in tune with wisdom that is beyond the rational and can guide you effortlessly to where you want to get to.

To connect into your intuition, start paying attention to how it shows up, does it come through as an image in your mind, a memory, a song, or words that speak to you, a feeling in your body- listen and take note. When we know how our intuition communicates with us, we can start fostering that connection. It can help to write down when you have had intuitive nudges even if you didn’t act on them so that you can see that you get intuitive hits all the time.

Start bringing in the language of your intuition into your conversations, it is only by speaking about it we normalise it.

Find your North Star

What is guiding you forward to pursue the path that you are on? What is the motivator that gets you out of bed in the morning. When you truly know and understand what is spurring you forward you can learn more about you, and if the why you are doing what you are doing is aligned with your values and who you are on a soul level. Often, we can get caught up in the achieving, the doing, the pursuing with never reflecting on the why and the root north star guiding us forward. When we know this, we can use it as a compass in our work to see if it aligns with who we are and what we want to become. To explore your north star of intention, spend time reflecting and journaling what is your driver. Happiness and true contentment comes from drivers that are not linked to material gains. Find the why that speaks to your soul and use it to guide you forward as a leader so that you inspire others to do the same.

Being a leader requires so many skills and so many attributes, knowing ourselves is key so that we are less likely to be tripped up by what is in our shadow. When we know what is there and greet it with love, there is an acceptance and sturdiness that comes through. When we know our intuition and use it as a source of wisdom to guide then it gives us an edge with how we show up. When we know our north star and use it to guide our work and our leadership we show up differently, we show up with a strength and inner knowing that holds us sturdy when challenges happen. We lead from a different place, a place of strength and love.

Jennifer Soran Boon is a coach, speaker and author of Be the Change: A Healing And Empowering Handbook For Women. For more information about Jennifer see