The advantages of setting up a head office in London

Whether you’re an established business or are just starting out, where you have your base can have an impact on how well you perform. A personal view by Ed Smith.

With many companies starting out in London or setting up a base from there, its no wonder it’s the place everyone wants to have their name appear, especially if you are a newer business looking to establish itself among the competition.

Initial Visit: You might have already visited and already be well underway in your search for a suitable site for your office base, or just be planning your first time trip, you’ll soon understand why the vast majority of businesses choose to have a London office from the get-go.

It quickly becomes apparent the many opportunities that lie ahead once you’ve decided to set up there permanently and you’ll be impressed each time you go until you settle on the area which will be best for you and your business.

When you’ve decided that you want to head to the City to see what it has to offer and are ready to view some office spaces, try serviced apartments in London when staying over.

That way you have the freedom to come and go as you please, plus the same perks of a hotel, which will ensure a seamless and comfortable trip.

Transport links: London has a wealth of different transport options. With a number of bus routes that take you far and wide, major railway stations and regular tube services, all of which will get you to where you need to be in no time. Also on the outskirts is the airport; should your business take you even further than the UK or if you need to bring clients or customers from abroad to your head office, having the airport link there is vital.

Talent pools: With London experiencing growth year on year, including massive development and investment in infrastructure and services, these factors have encouraged young talent to relocate to the area looking for employment.

With many universities within and surrounding the City, London is home to some of the best young talent in the country. Whether they’re fresh out of education or have gained some experience already, there’s no surprise businesses want to set up camp in this vibrant location.

Expansion opportunities: No matter the sector you may operate in, you’re sure to touch technology at some point. With London being known as one of the foremost tech hubs in the world, its continuing to innovate and expand at every turn.

With that comes its impressive hubs for coworking and networking. Whether you decide to set up in an office space or start in a shared space, both are just as good if you’re wanting to expand.

Coworking spaces offer a great level of flexibility which means you’re able to expand much quicker and grow your workforce. The short-term contracts cut operating expenses significantly, and these shared spaces also make it easier to build professional relationships with other entrepreneurs and business owners.

Whatever your business or start up idea may be, consider making your base London. With so much to offer, from transport links to talent on your doorstep, it is sure to make the top of your location list.