How spirituality can help SMEs

With so much information in the public domain on best business practice why is it there are thousands of entrepreneurs who struggle, and do not reap the benefits they deserve? Might spirituality offer a solution?

Use Your Intuition

Intuition is so often ignored, whereas in fact it is an astute counsellor that nudges us forward in our business lives. It comes with an uplifting feeling and is never manipulative. It is the voice of our Higher Self, that part of each of us which is compassionate, loving, and represents the truth of who we really are. It unlocks creativity, and takes us to a place of effortless accomplishment. It can be scary, especially at first, because it stretches us and takes us beyond our comfort zone.

Intuition can be used pro-actively to assist with decision-making; it complements logic, facts and figures. Take a couple of deep breaths, close your eyes, and step back from any immediate emotional ties to the issue. Ask questions that require a clear yes or no and feel the energy associated with each response. The right answer always carries more vitality and enthusiasm.

Never Buy in to External Causes

When faced with problems you might at first be tempted to find fault with external factors such as the economy, troublesome clients, or ever increasing competition. Such attitudes are debilitating because you can do nothing about them. You effectively relinquish control and disempower yourself.

With every challenge your own perceptions and responses play a huge role. Take a long, hard look at what YOU have been doing, believing or thinking that might be contributing to the problem. Create a quiet space and ask yourself several times over:

  • In what way am I contributing to this problem?

When asked with sincerity the answer will provide insight that will take you to a place of greater understanding. Alternatively ask:

  • With regard to … what do I need to learn from this situation?

It is by asking yourself honestly what exactly it is you need to learn, that you will move forward. There are no challenges that do not bring potential new wisdom and opportunities. Disasters occur only when you close down and block the learning that the ‘problem’ is asking you to embrace.

Practice Meditation

Personally I value meditation so much that I would not want life without it. It calms my mind; I get a sense of what is actually important and where my priorities lie. I can let go of other issues that have been troubling me. Completely fresh ideas and new solutions emerge. Compared to starting the day by reading emails and allowing other people’s requests and demands to become a priority, meditation puts me in charge. I am able to see where I need to focus, and I avoid getting involved in secondary issues that can be dealt with more effectively later in the day or by someone else. I start every day on my terms.