Solution to help you source, buy and pay more effectively

Unlock the potential of procurement with ExceleratedS2P powered by SAP Ariba SNAP

Historically SAP ARIBA operational procurement and accounts payable solutions were seen by mid-market companies as too expensive and too complex to implement reducing the overall return on investment for mid-market sized organisations. Not anymore.

ExceleratedS2P have partnered with SAP ARIBA to bring a fixed scope, accelerated Source-to-Pay solution specifically to the mid-market enabled by a 12 week go-live which increases speed to value. The solution is a best-in-class, adoption ready Source-to-Pay platform. The solution is self-service, content rich (a market place of suppliers ready to go on day 1) and easy to use for all personas (suppliers, buyers, requisitioners, accounts payable and approvers).

The business case centres around process efficiency (elimination of paper) and end user adoption driving hard financial savings achieved through greater third-party spend compliance and overall reduction in process costs.

The deployment of the solution is based on a templated and agile implementation design to start simple against a fixed scope and then layer in more complex capability once initial adoption is high. The solution itself is preconfigured and available on day one, supported by a series of persona-based scenarios to validate the solution and integrate with your ERP. This allows better customer collaboration as the deployment is divided into more digestible amounts.

In addition to the core Procure-to-Pay functionality the fixed scope solution also provides you with (1) sourcing, your internal teams can request bids from chosen suppliers using the ‘three bids and a buy’ system. You simply assemble a request, choose your suppliers and wait for the bids to arrive. Snap manages the entire process for you; (2) contracts and supplier management, to enable you maximise the spend you are able to competitively source, ensure majority of spend is against a contract and onboard preferred suppliers onto via the ARIBA network free of charge via email.

SME Publications/ SME XPO 2024

For many mid-market organisations, procurement can be a financial blind spot, with a lack of visibility over how spending is allocated or whether spend complies with company policies. Snap shines a light on your spending habits and performance by giving you clear reports that can be produced with just a click.

The key to getting maximum value from a solution like SAP Ariba Snap is to partner with an organisation with deep-rooted expertise of the solution, as well as diverse industry experience. ExceleratedS2P is a dedicated Source-to-Pay consultancy. We help companies like yours implement cloud based technology solutions and work with your teams to develop smart processes, so you can source, buy and pay more effectively.

ExceleratedS2P is also the SAP Ariba Partner of the Year for the EMEA North region. This award recognises our contributions to driving digital transformations for our clients and reflects the quantity and innovation of work we do with SAP Ariba solutions.

With a presence in Europe, Australia and the US, we are perfectly placed to help your organisation achieve your digital ambitions with sourcing, procurement and invoicing. Click here to register for a solution demonstration.


SME Publications/ SME XPO 2024