SME Voice: SME Award winners have their say on Brexit

Paul Jarczynski, Freshmail: “Certainly, as a business stance, it would be far better for the UK to be within the EU. From a personal stance I also feel the same; I think we should remain a united union. I think the UK would be fine on its own, but it’s a more of a matter of common good of Europe as a whole.”

Damian Edwards, Perfect Profiles: “Personally I’m for out. I think the UK is in a situation where it’s able to progress…and I think the longer you leave it the more hard work needs to be done to come out in the future…I think it’s now or never really.”

Jade Marcellin, Perfect Profiles: “I’m the same, I think that now if we stay in the EU, we stay in and we wouldn’t be able to come back out, whereas as if we try and be independent if it doesn’t work out in the long term we can always go back in.”

Simon Wright, Careers in Audit: “We are a European job board so we don’t want to have any stance…however one of the ways is going to help us more than others I suppose. I definitely think it will affect SMEs all over the world dealing with the UK.”

Dr Emer MacSweeney, Re:Cognition Health: “I think they’re much better to remain in and I think particularly for businesses it’s more important to remain in. I think we have an opportunity to influence the situation at the EU if we remain in as opposed to coming out.”

Richard Howes, Bridger Howes, on whether he voted personally or for his business: “Typically we voted personally on that and it’s not something that were going to… associate the business with but it’s interesting that you bring it up because we’ve just won an award in the export category which is obviously very applicable to that. But when we make our plans we do kind of away from the political landscape.”

Phil Foster, Love Energy Savings: “In. absolutely in. It’s good, it works already, it’s good for us, good for everybody else – so yeah, in.”

Philip Brennan, Business Comparison: “In, because we are not aware of what out means. For SMEs there’s no consistency to what that would mean and its dangerous.”

Ashish Mathur, European Freight Limited: “Yes we have a professional opinion, we want Europe to be one. We are a logistics provider. Today we have no boundaries, we can move our business from any part of Europe to any part and that’s good for the UK and for Europe.”