Six services all businesses need

When running a business it’s easy to think that you can do it all, but sometimes this just isn’t true. It’s important to know when to outsource services to help your business thrive. In this guest post, Ryan Lees of Smith Cooper System Partners  puts together a list of the most important, but usually forgotten about, services that your business needs.


Using an accountant or bookkeeper is a vital part of running any business big or small. They help you keep track of incomings and outgoings, ensure statutory compliance and many other financial aspects which you might not consider.

Your financial records help you keep track of how successful your business is. They won’t just clean up your bookkeeping; they’ll help you keep track of expenses, gross margin and any possible debt. They’ll also help you compare data and manage your budget accordingly.

Using an accountant might not be right for your business but it is recommended that you use software which is designed to help you keep track of your expenses and financial records. Sage 200 is a powerful business management tool that can help share information across teams with one integrated system. Sage 200 allows users to tailor the system to their individual business. With a variety of software suitable for big and small businesses, they can help you keep track of those big expenses or simply manage staff payroll.


Marketing is a key aspect of any business. Whether you’re looking for a digital marketer or a brand marketer, using the correct marketing skills will help customers find you. Marketing helps to show customers the value of your products, their usage and info which might be helpful in guiding them towards a purchase.

Choosing the right people to help you with your marketing efforts is crucial for attracting the right customers.

Human Resources

Many businesses overlook HR departments but they don’t realise that managing staff takes time and specific skills which many business owners may lack. Smaller companies may be in control of the people they manage but as they grow they may soon find themselves in need of some help.

This is where HR departments come in, they do more than manage the hiring process, they manage, communicate and build a positive culture within the company. Hire the right human resources manager and your business will thrive. Companies might not be able to afford an in-house HR department but may still need access to professional employment support. This is where HR consultancies are considered extremely helpful for those smaller businesses that need assistance.


There are many legal requirements which businesses have to understand. Whether it’s employment law, tax law or trading standards, you never know when something legal may appear and have to be taken into consideration. It might be something small such as getting the correct licences or something much larger such as exportation to other countries. When these times arise, it’s important that you make the right decision and use the right services. Consider outsourcing legal services if you need to.


IT disasters happen to almost every business. IT experts can help with many technical aspects from deleted files to hardware issues. IT services will help you solve any issues which may arrive. Running a small business means having an in-house IT team is almost impossible. Choosing the level of support you need depends on the requirements of your business. Find an IT company which can work out the level of support you need.


Having design services opens up a wide range of opportunities including increased sales, customer loyalty and much more. Design can help you change and showcase your business to help make it more efficient and strengthen your marketing approach.

There are many different aspects of design including product design, graphic design, retail design, packaging design and more. With many companies not thinking about design until it’s too late, consider outsourcing a graphic designer or using a freelancer to help boost your company and stand out in the market.

All the services are designed to help your company grow and flourish. It’s important to remember that as a business owner that you can’t do it all alone and you should reach out to services which might not automatically be in your remit.

Smith Cooper Systems Partners is an award-winning Sage Systems Partner supporting companies across the UK in a variety of industries from Distribution & Construction to Retail & Charities.