Remote working not working? There’s an easy answer for SMEs

Guest post by Navjot Sanghera – Apple Product Manager

Many SMEs have had to urgently adapt the way they work of late. For many, it’s been a tough time – but struggling with the wrong technology needn’t keep you playing catchup in the months to come.

Apple at Work can make a big difference to any business keen to improve its remote working setup. But which Apple devices are right for you? Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller Jigsaw24 has picked out three of its favourites.

Apple technology is everywhere – including in SMEs right across the UK. The reasons are plentiful.

Apple products are secure by design, protecting company data. They work seamlessly with businesses’ existing infrastructure and are compatible with leading apps like Microsoft 365. They can be managed easily with zero-touch deployment, come with productivity-boosting tools built in, and retain high residual values that reduce the total cost of ownership.

We could go on.

Instead, let’s take a quick look at three of the Apple devices most popular among SMEs to help you choose the right technology for remote working in your business.

MacBook Pro – The heavy lifter

Notebooks are an obvious pick when remote working is essential, and MacBook Pro has been an equally obvious choice for lots of companies this year. For those needing power on the move, its speedy processor, large memory and storage capacities and impressive graphics capabilities make MacBook Pro ideal.

The current model can be configured with a processor right the way up to 2.4GHz (with a Turbo Boost of 5.0GHz). You can also cram in 8TB of SSD storage, 64GB of memory and the latest AMD Radeon Pro graphics.

Essentially, whatever you’re used to doing at a desk (except for really high-end processing and rendering), MacBook Pro will handle it on the move. There’s more than enough screen real estate – especially if you opt for the 16” model – and you can always add an extra display too if you want to spread out your multitasking.

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MacBook Air – The lightweight mobile worker

The MacBook Air is lightweight in terms of kilograms, but far from it when it comes to performance. It’s come a long way since the days when it was marketed mostly for its thin design, although that incredibly portable form factor does suit remote working perfectly.

Available with a wide range of specs to select, MacBook Air can pack whatever kind of punch you need. It’s typically best suited for non-creative users who need mobility for their everyday professional tasks, and can be a genuine desktop replacement – especially convenient if you’re considering ditching those clunky big machines even if you eventually return to the office.

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iPad Pro – The high-performance tablet

 With all the power of a notebook but even more portability, iPad Pro is the definition of remote working-friendly. It can handle typical business tasks like a breeze, and particularly impresses when it comes to running more intensive software – it’s even got support for Adobe mobile apps like Photoshop, making it a very useful tool for SMEs who create their own marketing content.

For remote workers, the handy cross-functionality of Apple devices means iPad Pro (or any new iPad device) can act as a second screen for your Mac, so those with a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air at home have the chance to get even more productive.

iPad Pro is perfect for users who work in busy homes or limited spaces, where a smaller device is more convenient and the ability to move between rooms is an advantage.

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