Red Herring Games – looking to the future

Red Herring Games are creators of murder mystery dinner party games and personalised events, with a very extensive online offering. SME spoke to Jo Smedley of Red Herring Games to find out more…

How do you use social media? Does it help you engage with your client base?

Yes, I’m on twitter, Facebook, linked In, Periscope and Pinterest (still learning that platform) Facebook and Twitter and Linked in have all brought us work and we’ve dealt with questions through all three. So it helps us engage.

What new technology/apps are you considering using?

We’re in the middle of developing new video based games, and a new website which will enable us to provide more educational services to schools.

We’ve been looking at turning some of our games into digital aps to reduce printing requirements too. That’ll be the next development.

What technology/apps have you been most impressed with over the past 12 months?

Loquiz – has huge potential for us, and we’re exploring that platform, and google cardboard to deliver new and exciting ways to play. I’d still like to run a murder mystery through Periscope too – and we’ve already achieved a 360 degree google like murder mystery game.

What is your vision for the future? Are you looking to expand?

We’re always looking to grow and develop, America is largely untapped and there is loads we can offer to the USA.

We’re also looking to work with team building firms across Europe as we are with Stardust in France, providing a go-to service for bespoke gaming creations.