Property Moose – the ups and downs

What have been your biggest challenges? How did you overcome them?

The hardest part of growing Property Moose is the lack of precedence. There is no guidebook or instructions, we are forging an industry that did not exist in the UK until we, and others alongside us, started building it. We designed the legal structure and our tech platform and, of course, we need to structure a team around our needs. However, we like a challenge, and being the first fully integrated online platform in Europe that focuses on UK property crowdfunding has aided us in building our reputation as a financial technology pioneer.

What have been your greatest successes?

Welcoming our 9,000th member, seeing a member in a new country invest, raising more than £4 million, and watching our team grow. There are triumphs each day, but most importantly, getting positive feedback from our members inspires us to continue. We have open lines of communication with our members, and we evolve based on their feedback. Whenever we receive a compliment, everyone in the business knows that they have played their part in improving the world of financial services.

What are your top tips for SMEs?

Don’t forget the bigger picture. It is very easy to get trapped answering emails and forget where you want to be in 2 or 3 years. Also don’t forget how far you have come. We often remind ourselves how far we have come. Being able to assess this journey makes the mundane 3am email-answering sessions seem worth it.

Property Moose does not provide any advice in relation to investments and you must rely on your own due diligence before investing. Please remember that property prices can go down as well as up and that all figures, rates and yields are projections only and should not be relied on. If in doubt, please seek the advice of a financial adviser. Your capital is at risk if you invest. This post has been approved as a financial promotion by Resolution Compliance Limited.

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