Property Moose – finding the right team

Property Moose is an online crowdfunding solution that allows individuals to invest in property without the need for large cash deposits, banks and mortgages. SME caught up with founder and CEO Andrew Gardiner to find out more…

How many employees do you have?

There are 12 full time employees, and a number of consultants, that work for Property Moose. We are always hiring.

What do you look for when you are recruiting?

We look for passionate and independent individuals that are willing to work outside of their comfort zone and learn lots of new skills. People can apply on our website at any time and sell themselves to us. We have recruited several senior hires, and also some fantastic graduates in this way.

What attributes are necessary in your business?

As the business is growing rapidly, the ability for an individual to remain flexible and willing to turn their hands to anything is a critical asset. Every member of the team also has to believe in our vision; to be the global leader in property crowdfunding.

What makes you a good employer to work for?

As a result of the need to remain flexible, employees get the opportunity to learn lots of new skills, and just like my days, their days are typically very different. Some employees enjoy this opportunity for professional development. We are also a small company, so all members of the team have their voices heard. Everyone is consulted about changes in the business and they are listened to. This personal approach not only creates a better working environment, but has also added value to the business – everyone has a different perspective!

Property Moose does not provide any advice in relation to investments and you must rely on your own due diligence before investing. Please remember that property prices can go down as well as up and that all figures, rates and yields are projections only and should not be relied on. If in doubt, please seek the advice of a financial adviser. Your capital is at risk if you invest. This post has been approved as a financial promotion by Resolution Compliance Limited.

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