Positive leadership award winners

Alice Altemaire, CEO, Mobilize Financial Services UK

The winners of the much anticipated 2022 Positive Leadership Awards have been announced, with leaders from across sectors – and across the globe – being acknowledged for their innovative and inspiring approach to changing leadership practices and bringing positivity to the workplace.  

Launched by the Positive Leadership Institute, the international awards seek to highlight the unsustainability of traditional approaches to management and change the conversation towards positive management practices. In this inaugural awards, leaders from wide-ranging sectors – from retail and logistics to education – have been commended for positive leadership elements such as Positive Direction, Positive Motivation, Positive Capital, and Positive Climate.  They have set the gold standard for impactful leadership practices – and for future Positive Leadership Awards.

This year’s awards received 11,688 nominations from 22 countries across six continents, with 24 making the shortlist. Only those who have exhibited exceptional dedication, vision, inspiration, and the ability to inspire trust as well as all of these qualities in their teams make the final grade. 

The winners include Alice Altemaire, CEO, Mobilize Financial Services UK, Ramses Alcaide, CEO, Neurable, Inc and Amardeep Gill, Chair, Young Sikh Professional Network who have shared their best practice advice.

Alice Altemaire, CEO, Mobilize Financial Services UK: ‘Kindness, trust, vision and communication. Being kind and caring in a business environment has been an important personal decision, listening to opinions, trusting team members to deliver, and supporting when needed. For this to work, leadership need to define a clear and simple strategic direction so everyone can efficiently contribute to the wider achievement.’

Ramses Alcaide, CEO, Neurable, Inc: Empathy is a superpower. It can be applied universally. Empathy for a co-worker Is vital when life takes a difficult turn. My leadership style focuses on understanding the deeper value of individuals and their experiences. This allows them to bring the best of themselves forward.’

Amardeep Gill, left, Chair, Young Sikh Professional Network:Acting with courage creates a culture of transparency and solution orientation where others are imbued with the courage to take action towards better business, workplace and community practices. To practice taking courageous action, I suggest identifying some of the smaller issues you’re observing the impacts, creating a plan of action and then executing immediately, capitalising on the initial energy and motivation.’

Dmitry Golubnichy, Spokesperson for the Positive Leadership Awards and the Founder of the Positive Leadership Institute comments: ‘We have been overwhelmed by the enormous number of entries to this year’s Positive Leadership Awards. We’ve seen nominations from all sectors and locations, demonstrating an encouraging degree of innovation, empathy, inspiration, and positivity. 

‘Selecting winners for these inaugural awards was incredibly difficult. But our winning shortlist, truly deserve the accolade for their inspiring commitment to forward-thinking positive leadership.’

The Positive Leadership Awards were founded to honour individuals who work to create positive working environments through their everyday actions. Their progressive leadership practices enable transforming individuals, teams and organizations from good to greatThe awards were founded by the Positive Leadership Institute. Founded in 2022, the Positive Leadership Institute studies and disseminates what distinguishes great leaders from good managers with the goal to promote the adoption of positive leadership as a new standard in organisations worldwide.

The full list of judges can be found here. 

Full list of winners

Alexandra Lustig, Co-Founder, Seneca Works

Alice Altemaire, CEO, Mobilize Financial Services UK 

Amardeep Gill, Chair, Young Sikh Professional Network 

Anna-Vija McClain, Founder & CEO, Piccolo Solutions

Anne-Wil Harzing, Professor, Middlesex University Anne-Wil Harzing, Professor, Middlesex University 

Carmen Ramos, Assisted Principle, Accelerated Charter Elementary School

Charles Brewer, CEO, Pos Malaysia

Dennis Yu, VP Program Management & Country Manager, Chime

Dominik Maximini, CEO, ValueRise Consulting GmbH

Elizabeth Fielder, Chief Happiness Officer, Articulate Marketing

Erica Rooney, Chief People Officer, Blue Acorn iCi

Haley Pavone, Founder & CEO, Pashion Footwear INC

Joel Bennett, President and Founder, OWLS – Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems

Justin Mannesbert, Head of Business Operations, EVS Broadcast

Mark Graham, CEO and Owner, Symetrix, Inc. 

Mia Kristel Rosalem, Operations Manager, 2GO Logistics INC

Nicole Martin, CEO, HRBoost LLC

Raf Peeters, CEO, Qcify

Ramses Alcaide, CEO, Neurable, Inc

Rhonda George, Director Global Corporate Recruitment, TaskUs

Seisei Tatebe-Goddu, CEO, Tandem Consulting Group

Sennait Ghebreaeb, Programme Leader BA Business, Istituto Marangoni – Londra

Susie Hills, Joint CEO, Halpin Partnership.

Yvonne Bernhage, Associate Director Product Management & Development, nu3 GmbH