Physical Digital – the other players

Physical Digital provides mobile industrial 3D scanning services for high-end clients. SME caught up with founder Tim Rapley to find out more…

Who are your biggest competitors? What makes your company special compared to its competitors?

Our competitors are other UK service provides of high-accuracy scanning systems. Our range of 3D services, our highly-trained staff and our ideology makes us stand out – we offer the newest, most accurate technology and our staff have the latest industry training and accreditation, all completing metrology courses delivered by the UK’s measurement institute, the National Physical Laboratory, at Coventry University. This enables us to offer the highest level of customer service.

Tell me about your clients?

Our clients are drawn from a variety of fields: from automotive to aerospace; medical to motor racing; nuclear to renewable energy, marine to manufacturing, art and animation among many others. As we provide the highest level of accuracy and expertise, our clients tend to be interested in bespoke solutions to high-end industrial applications across a wide range of sectors.