Out of Lockdown – back on the road

traffic jam

People took to the road as Lockdown measures were eased this month in far greater numbers than the previous two occasions.

Data collected in the first week to April 4, the first in which restrictions were relaxed,  showed a 17 per cent increase in car usage from the week before, a number which has continued to rise in the weeks since.

Car use increases measured week-on-week showed a seven per cent rise in the first week after the first Lockdown ended in June, 13 per cent in December and 17 per cent in April.

The pay-by-mile car insurance provider, By Miles, also revealed that policy sales in March jumped by over 150 per cent compared to the same time last year.

Their research suggested that up to 26 million people are driving less overall since the pandemic started. This is despite periods when travel was permitted and encouraged by the Government, and the top reasons for the reduction were people walking more (34%) and increased use of online shopping deliveries (28%).

Oliver Baxter, Head of Product at By Miles, said: “It’s definitely encouraging to see the UK population showing confidence by getting out and about as the Government sanctions are lifted, and we’re thrilled to be supporting them as they get back out on the road.”

Mark Muir, motor insurance expert at By Miles underwriters Zurich, said: “We are seeing an undeniable shift in UK drivers’ needs and behaviours, with a significant proportion of the UK workforce now working from home.”