Office closed? At least we’re saving on the electricity bills

While many enterprises are struggling in unprecedented ways, one unexpected ray of sunshine has been identified. Businesses are set to save an average of £489 per month on their energy bills.

That’s according to research by the sector’s price comparison website, who assessed the impact of utility bills as a result of offices and workplaces remaining empty.

As energy prices differ for each part of the UK, as the map below indicates, small businesses in the North West are set to save an average of £510 per month, while counterparts in London are expected to save the least with just an average of £463. 

The average monthly energy consumption for small businesses was calculated based on estimates of annual consumption.

For example, a marketing agency with offices in Sheffield and London has saved £6,850 a month by getting staff to work from home. Carrie Rose, creative director and co-founder of Rise at Seven said “We cancelled our monthly rolling contract with co-working spaces and in doing so have saved £4,000 a month on rent, £750 on energy bills, and £2,100 on travel expenses going back and forth to client meetings and pitches.

“We were lucky to not be tied into lengthy contracts but assessing where you save money is important to understand what your overheads are and where else things can be cut if needed.”

The reality is that many small businesses have had to temporarily cease trading, so the amount saved in terms of energy costs is negligible if they are not able to continue functioning as normal.

However, for small businesses that are able to pivot and function remotely, this energy-saving could help to eradicate costs.