Nearly a third of UK firms cling to paper over digital

Nearly a third of businesses claim they will not be going paperless by 2020, with the figure skyrocketing to 60% when looking at accountants alone.

These figures come from a survey conducted by IRIS Software. The company has expressed concerns that so many businesses are failing to see the benefits of cutting out paper from their daily activities – the environmental value is clear for many, but the increased efficiency is often not realised. Currently, only 15% of the UK’s businesses operate paperless offices.

IRIS Software product director Steve Cox says, “In the digital age we live in, it’s scary to think so many accountancy firms still receive stacks of physical receipts from their clients. Not only does this increase the likelihood of human error but it adds to the time taken to produce accounts.”

The process could be automated using cloud technology, saving time for both the accountant and its clients.

Zoosme Accountants founder Murray Pullin says: “Paper is expensive, both in terms of purchasing and time wasted. Document sharing and communication can both be covered digitally and is vastly more efficient than using paper. Businesses can approve documentation online at the click of a button and important information can be shared instantly, rather than formal letters being sent in the post.”

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