Navigating the Age of AI 

By Vishen Lakhiani, above, CEO, Mindvalley

In the beginning of 2023, I, along with many others, took an interest in the realm of AI and when ChatGPT was released I decided to explore what it had to offer, and what I discovered was nothing short of a revelation. Within two months of diving deep into ChatGPT, Midjourney and many of the other new AI tools, I found that I could slice a day and a half of my workweek. It wasn’t just about saving time, it was about freeing up space for creativity and innovation.

ChatGPT was the fastest-adopted technology in history and 38% of all white-collar workers had experimented with it. I needed my team to jump on this ship fast. In just two weeks, ChatGPT had permeated every aspect of Mindvalley. When I started to teach my employees how to use AI tools, the outcome was mind-blowing and they reported up to a 50% boost in productivity and creative output. There are so many things that we do at Mindvalley – from writing emails to notification communications to even coming up with creative ideas for social media – that are now done by human beings richly supported by AI. At Mindvalley, we are dedicated to enabling everyone to tap into their fullest potential. AI has the potential to make work so effortless that we may only need to work 20 hours a week or not at all, leading to shorter work weeks and increased productivity.  

In addition to the massive boost in productivity and creativity that AI can bring, there’s another side to the story that holds particular interest for entrepreneurs and businesses. As I delved deeper into AI and its implications, I realised that it also presented a significant opportunity to streamline business operations and costs, especially in the realm of hiring. By automating routine tasks, AI can minimize manpower requirements and trim hiring costs by up to 40%.  

At Mindvalley, we employ 350 people and the top skill I look for on a person’s CV is prompt engineering. Prompt engineering is the knowledge of how to prompt ChatGPT as an AI to deliver results. If you get prompt engineering, you can create amazing things. As an employer, I want people to know prompt engineering for text generation models like ChatGPT. If schools are going to produce good students who are appealing to employers, prompt engineering is the number one skill we need students to learn today. This does not take away from human creativity, instead what is happening is that we are becoming smarter as a species.

As we explored the power of AI, we realized that it wasn’t just a tool, it was a catalyst for transformation. We realise AI can’t be ignored. 

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Vishen, the CEO of Mindvalley, started as an engineer but discovered meditation’s power to manage stress. He rose from a junior hire to VP in 7 months, then left to create Mindvalley, a transformational platform hosting world-class leaders and experts. Without loans or funding, he grew it to nearly $100M in revenue. Vishen aims to transform education globally, using cutting-edge AI and machine learning to innovate Mindvalley into the most advanced learning platform in the world.