Mobile unit gets safety trainers out of a hole

Safety Experts in Yorkshire have launched a Mobile Training Unit to enable their  team to bring their specialist instruction to clients.

Their speciality “confined space” training usually takes place at a designated site, with clients travelling across the country to attend. After travel restrictions limited that, Reece Safety launched the unit which includes a simulator allowing for a tailored approach to suit a range of requirements.

It can replicate numerous working scenarios such as sewer manholes, mixing vessels, tunnels, duct or utility subways, with each training course teaching professionals how to use specialist equipment that may be required based on the scenario, such as winches, escape breathing apparatus and gas detectors.

In line with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, regular training is obligatory for all companies that require their employees to work in any space of an enclosed nature, which comes with a risk of injury.

MD Andy Graham said it was launched “in response to a huge influx of demand for accessible training options in line with the new-normal”.

He added: “This has also allowed us to expand our team, so that we’re able to continue delivering the highest possible standard in training to industry professionals across the country. We’re looking forward to getting on the road and providing our expertise to those that need it.”

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