MEAVO launches eco-friendly, customisable office phone booths


MEAVO, the London-based innovative start-up that counts Viber, OnePlus and Techspace among their clients, is the first in the UK to introduce stylish, high quality yet affordable and customisable soundproof office phone booths – uniquely designed for co-working and open-plan office spaces.

Over 800 recycled plastic bottles are used for the manufacturing of each booth, with the premium acoustic interior of the booths made of 100 per cent recycled polyester. This makes the MEAVO office phone booths some of the most eco-friendly on the market.

Amid a boom in London’s thriving start-up scene, more and more business leaders are turning to flexible, fully equipped co-working spaces as their base. Over the past decade, one in three jobs in the UK have been created in the capital and is a culture that is only set to continue to rise, with a new co-working space in London opening up once every five days.

MEAVO’s sound-cancelling booths, made with a special acoustic felt, provide a peaceful break-out space for employees in busy co-working or open-plan spaces, with up to 31db noise reduction. The high-quality, affordable booths come with free delivery and installation in London.

Co-Founder, Thomas Anselmino, said:“We are very excited to bring our soundproof booths to the market. We have carefully designed them with London co-working office spaces in mind, considering the look, feel, durability and quality as well as how they meet the demands of a busy, open-plan space when workers need a quiet space to make a client or customer call.

“Start-ups and small businesses are thriving in the city, and we expect this is only going to continue. We are a start-up ourselves, and so we understand the need for easy, affordable solutions to drive employee productivity, and improve their working environment.”

Customer Laura Limber, Workplace Services Manager at the breakout insurance company, Zego,said after buying a number of booths: “We’re very happy with the booths. First, we ordered two, but people use them so much that we now have five in total in the office. Also, the MEAVO team is very responsive and helped us move the booths when we re-arranged the office.”

The  stylish break-out pods are designed to complement the interior of any office space or brand colour scheme. “Our booths are available in any colour and the price is always the same. We know how important the looks and cozyness are for the modern office,” says Todor Madzharov, co-founder.

What’s more, the customisable pods can be tailored to suit different requirements depending on the office environment, with fully-equipped smart electronics, including power sockets and USB charging ports, QI Wireless charging and HDMI ports. To accommodate longer periods of use, the booths are also available with a height adjustable bar stool.

Other features include built in ventilation fans providing air circulation inside the booths, as well as a magnetic door system for sound insulation, and a premium built-in shelf made of scratch resistant oak veneer.

Customers are able to view the MEAVO booths in a showroom at: The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh St, London EC1V 0PR.

For more information on MEAVO’s products, or to book a viewing or download a product spec sheet, visit: