Marketers go online with food finder

A marketing couple have launched an online directory to help other small businesses find independent food  stores to help them through the pandemic.

Helen and Richard Forsyth launched Find Tasty, from the Find Marketing business they run in Wiltshire.

The idea was that, while travel is restricted, people can’t search to find which shops are open and “time-consuming” internet searches may mean missing businesses that are not advertising, ranked well by the search engine, or even be online.

“We want local businesses to succeed, as many people only know for sure that the large supermarkets are open when they could be going to local stores or getting delivery services from independent businesses,” said Helen (below).

“We want to help these businesses by highlighting them in a central website listing, where they can upload their own information free of charge. We also want to help people who need food, drink or household goods, to have a hassle-free means to see which businesses are open in an ever-changing situation.”

The service,, encourages independent shops and sellers, to list their addresses and website links for free. Customers can then search by location, food or drink, or special dietary needs – even essential household goods like toilet rolls and cleaning products.

“Like everyone else, we found ourselves trying to cope as a family, working, schooling and being under each other’s feet at home,” she added.

“It was such a scary situation that we wanted to do something positive. Going to a supermarket now feels intimidating and there are so many people heading for the same major stores, whilst smaller shops that remain open may be less visible.

“We have seen that many shops are innovating their businesses brilliantly to keep going for customers. We want to support those businesses. For shoppers, if you are stuck at home, knowing you’re going to have to replenish your cupboards, we want you to have options and know there are a lot of shops out there which can help you in your local area.”