Live streaming – Periscope/Meerkat

In the first quarter of 2015 social media said hello to livestream with the launch of Meerkat and Periscope…

Both of these social media apps are centred on live streaming. This means that the user is able to livestream video from any location around the world (providing they have a good connection). “But we already have live stream”, I hear you cry; we do indeed, but not like this.

Social media live streaming is easy and accessible now that it is done through your smart phone: you simply write a title, press broadcast and stream to the world. The difference is that this is social media live streaming, so your viewers are able to instantly text live feedback for you to answer or address. With Periscope you are able to receive hearts when people tap the screen – this is the same as getting a ‘like’ or favourite’ for your content which shows that it is being well received.

So what’s great about live stream? The benefits of using live streaming in your business are huge. Here are some ways you can make it work for you:

Behind the scenes at your business – you can show a human side to your business and invite people to see how your team works

Market research – by jumping on livestream you can test out new products and services by asking people what they think; this is real time live customer feedback

Inspire and educate – if you are a service-based business you have the opportunity to take your expertise global and an epic opportunity to raise your profile in your niche market. Just think – you could take your static blog live and get instant feedback

Instant call to action – live stream is instant, so you can conduct research, send people to your webpages and generate email list subscriptions very quickly

There are far too many benefits to list here but think of it as blogging and social media on steroids; it’s beefed-up networking, thought leadership, engagement and community all mixed into one.