Kickstarters to get mind-over-matters mentoring

Sponsored post on behalf of Arjun Global

Talent focused, recruitment agency, Arjun Global has launched a new program: ‘Mind Over Matters- Mentoring Sessions’to better equip and develop employability skills for kickstarters.  

The program aims to give their candidates an edge in areas such as digital literacy, problem solving, communication, cognitive flexibility and adaptability and to promote better self-knowledge and emotional intelligence in the workplace.  

The agency offers this new program because, it says, too often the term “lack of experience” is simply used to turn down young people who simply have trouble accessing and being able to analyse information not available to them in training.  

Arjun Global has represented more than 300 companies as a designated Gateway Provider to the Department of Work & Pensions. The initiative includes in-depth sessions led by knowledgeable business leaders and industry experts.  

Various topics covered include:  

  • Sales Negotiation 
  • Innovation in specific sectors such as technology  
  • LinkedIn basics 
  • Effective communications skills and a growth mindset    

The free training sessions will be held once every two weeks for six months and are open to registered kickstarters, employers/companies, and any young aspiring individual who joins the agency’s network.   

The first session was held on June 3 with the topic: “Winning at Sales”, by Nick Patel, Sales Consultant and CEO of OnPoint B2B.  Having had a long and successful career in sales, Nick offered insights and tools on how to best achieve sales success in sales and business development.  

Mr Patel said: “I decided to get involved in this scheme as I felt I could really make a positive impact working alongside Arjun Gobal to help young people get into employment. 

“This additional mentorship program gives a fuller, and perspective and vision, to those involved to develop their employability skill set. It also is a program that not only shows further support but true dedication to the cause of helping young people gain a foothold in their careers.”  

 Note: The Kickstart scheme UK is a £2bn fund launched by the government to pay for six-month work placements for 16 to 24-year-olds. It is aimed at those who are on Universal Credit, potentially school leavers or those who have had job offers withdrawn. 

Tickets for Mind Over Matters sessioins are available from by registering here 

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