Investor says smart money is in Shirts


Tech investor Scott Fletcher didn’t have to bet his shirt on a menswear start-up, but he was happy to bet on theirs, with a six-figure pledge to a Manchester entrepreneur who launched a subscription-based platform.

Fletcher, a former North West Entrepreneur of the Year, already heads up companies worth in excess of £250m, and founded cloud service provider ANS.

He made his latest investment offer following a conversation with Matt Bird (above), founder of the Shirt Society in Manchester, adding it to his North-West-based portfolio alongside Vibe Group, Wakelet and Padoq.

Scott Fletcher
Scott Fletcher: I could see the potential

The Shirt Society offers a new way to shop, with a range of formal and casual shirts available on a rolling monthly subscription. Members log to an online platform, select their next month’s shirt, and it is delivered to their door or desk.

“I could see the potential in the business straight away,” he said. “This really does address a gap in the men’s shirt market with an innovative solution for the digital era, and takes online shopping one step further..

“Matt showed me the quality of the shirts and that’s what made the final decision for me. I’m looking forward to being a part of building their success.”

The investment will be used to assist with the early expansion of the business, including hiring staff and building the inventory for new customers. It will also be used to create a bespoke platform for users to create and manage subscriptions.

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our main aim is to take the time and hassle out of the shopping experience

“Although producing great quality shirts is our ultimate output, The Shirt Society is fundamentally a technology business,” explains Bird.

“We recognise the importance of building a platform that is both sleek and stylish, but fundamentally easy and quick to use. After all, our main aim is to take the time and hassle out of the shopping experience.”

“The investment from Scott will allow us to start doing this. It’s a natural fit because Scott is a renowned investor in successful technology businesses. Our growth ambitions are hugely exciting and I’m thrilled to have him onboard,”

The Shirt Society platform launches to a BETA group on June 22 with a full launch coming in September.

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