Infographic: How to increase calls and improve ROI from paid search

Many companies aren’t fully utilising their marketing spend and therefore aren’t seeing impressive enough ROI, this can be for any number of reasons.

A major culprit is not tracking conversion rates across multiple channels, so you end up with analytical ‘blind spots’, where data just doesn’t exist to prove the spend was worth it. Here are some tips to get you started with making sure your ROI for your paid search activity is on target:

1. Click to call on page

When viewing website pages on your mobile you have a limited screen space. You tap, swipe or zoom looking for instant answers to enquires. Users are looking for the easy option on a mobile device so adding a click to call extensions on ads and landing pages allows searchers to call you directly. It moves the prospect along the sales funnel instantly and into faster decision making. In 2013 Google found that 70% of mobile searches used click to call direct from their search results.

2. Use unique tracking numbers

Being able to qualify which marketing campaigns are providing results is integral to seeing good ROI. You need to be able to identify a customer’s trail to your website and also their position in the sales funnel. Most call tracking software systems will assign a unique telephone number to the landing pages unique to each click. You can even assign unique click to call numbers for all your leads, from social media adverts, keyword searches and literature.

It may be that most leads come from Google searches for certain phrases. Software provided by companies like Mediahawk will be able to give you a complete view of what marketing is and isn’t generating leads and conversions.

3. Find out which keywords are ‘conversion drivers’

Conversion drivers are the keywords that a customer will use to arrive at your website. You can find the best ‘conversion drivers’ by tracking your marketing using call tracking software. Google Analytics can tell you which keywords push traffic to your website but it can’t show how much of that traffic converts.

Users who do not immediately use your click-to-call extension will likely come to your site to perform research first. This is when you can identify the keywords most profitable at getting traffic to your page. If you are seeing a lot of clicks from one keyword but low conversions or calls then it may be the choice of keyword is the wrong fit for your on page content, product or service. Other keywords or phrases may yield better results, therefore budget would be better used on them in your marketing plans.