incrediblue – the digital future

incrediblue is an online platform that makes yachting holidays accessible to all. SME spoke to Antonios Fiorakis, CEO and co-founder incrediblue to find out more…

How do you use social media? Does it help you engage with your client base?

It definitely helps us to engage with our client base. We use it to inspire users, educate them on this new way to travel the world, and to advertise what we do.

What new technology/apps are you considering using?

Geekbot. It’s an application for Slack that helps you organise your daily or weekly stand-up meetings. It’s really helped to boost productivity and communication amongst the team.

What technology/apps have you been most impressed with over the past 12 months?

Our work with Braintree has helped us enormously. Simple trustworthy and fast payment is one of the key ways we differentiate from the slow and complex processes of chartering a boat or existing villa and apartment rental sites. Previously, if people wanted to charter a yacht, they would have to provide card details over the phone, which offers very little security to the customer and is prone to errors, or they would have to bring cash or a payment card with them to the dock, which comes with its own frustration.

Integrating Braintree into our app and site ensures that customers can pay for the yachts quickly, securely and simply. What’s more, we’re able to use it to quickly and reliably pay our captains. They are such an integral part of the customer experience it’s really important to us that we can serve them as well as they serve our customers.

What is your vision for the future? Are you looking to expand?

incrediblue aims to be the leading provider of yacht holidays globally. We are always looking at how we can enhance our offering and provide our service to those who need it.