Increased interest in NFTs among small businesses

New figures have revealed businesses have demonstrated a willingness to experiment with the latest digital trends as they continue to adapt their offering. This latest data from Fiverr reveals that businesses are looking to leverage Web3 and expand their digital footprint. In the UK, NFT related searches were particularly prevalent, suggesting that UK businesses are open to exploring how they can use digital goods and services, gamification marketing, and immersive experiences to increase brand loyalty and make a positive impact on their bottom line.

Peggy De Lange, VP, International Expansion at Fiverr, pictured above, comments: “We have seen a number of multinational companies, including the likes of Nike, Adidas Budweiser, and McDonalds make their first forays into the metaverse this year. These findings show that the impact is not confined to big business, with small businesses hot on their heels and lots of bottom up innovation happening at the same time. It is encouraging to see UK small businesses exploring new avenues to stay competitive.”

The following skills are some of the most searched for among UK businesses, suggesting an increased focus Web3 and willingness to engage in gamification:

NFT related skills, +902% increase
Game development, +91% increase
Pixel art, +76% increase
YouTube editing, +66% increase

With many businesses relying on their online presence to survive, this search data shows that UK businesses continue to build on their digital footprint by exploring new trends. The increased search for gaming-related skills comes as no surprise as the gaming industry has seen consistent growth year on year; the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this, with a 63% surge in the overall population of UK gamers in the first lockdown alone. As for the increase in YouTube editing searches – video has played a huge role in the last two years, especially as a form of connecting with and offering new experiences to customers.

Hila Klein, COO of Fiverr comments: “The Fiverr platform acts as a microcosm for what is capturing small business owners’ attention at the moment. Because of this, we are able to easily look into what trends are fading, what trends are booming and what might still be bubbling up, yet to take off. The past several years have proven that nothing can stand in the way of small business owners and entrepreneurs achieving their dreams. We’re incredibly proud that Fiverr and our dynamic talent cloud solution, has played a role in helping them get there – whether it’s helping them build a website, market their business or even dip their toes into Web3.”

On a global level, two clear trends have emerged; Web3 is on the rise, even for small businesses, and services to expand business reach are booming.

Businesses are exploring new digital trends:

NFT ART, +3,504% Increase in searches
3D Cad Modeling, +297% Increase
Crypto Whitepaper, +248% Increase
Crypto Logo, +185% Increase
Bloxburg House Builder, +181% Increase
Smart Contract, +64% Increase

Business expansion and growth:

Promotional Video Ad, +453% Increase in searches
Social Media Content Manager, +361% Increase
Logistic Website, +268% Increase, +204% Increase