In House Recruitment Expo summit 23 is set for lift off

IHRE23 Summit: October 17, Coventry Arena

The opening – closing time is 10am – 4.30pm

The In House Recruitment Expo Summit is taking place next Tuesday, October 17, at the  Coventry Arena. 2023 has proved a challenging year for the In House Recruitment sector. Analysts and commentators regularly predict that AI will begin to take away many jobs from the sector, and some larger recruitment teams may have begun to see some attrition, but the need for new talent has never been stronger, with Recruiters now supported with an ever-growing range of technology to help identify, attract, assess, interview, and hire the people businesses need. Opportunities for recruiters to make a positive and significant contribution have never been stronger.

The IHRE23 Summit we will be showcasing some of the latest thinking and case studies. In the Seminar sessions, Charlotte Burton of Horizon Care & Education will talk about how to keep people at the centre of what recruiters do. Some important points about delivering long term outcomes by remembering that recruitment is about the people, and not the process.

Chloe Britton from Moov will be talking about passive candidates, particularly how to attract them by getting their attention through creating a consistent strategy.  And Dan Wells from Talent Point will look at how to embed an effective hiring process, that can reduce time to hire and improve retention, by focussing on his 3 A’s – alignment, assessment, and acquisition.

Felix Mitchell, from sponsors Instant Impact, will be sharing brand new insights from its latest report into recruitment, automation, and talent intelligence. They surveyed 300 heads of TA and HR in SMEs to better understand the recruitment technology landscape, and their session will show you how to use the latest AI technology to improve recruitment.

Peter Gilbert from the National Grid will look at Onboarding, particularly the vital 90 days when somebody joins a new organisation. This will probably be one of the most challenging periods of their working lives, with a steep learning curve and an inevitable period of being outside of comfort zone, so focusing on delivering a proper onboarding experience is more likely to have impactful, productive, and engaged employees who stay in the business.

Emily Jackson from the Business Disability Forum will look at bringing together diverse teams for better problem solving and creativity, and Chris Johnson of Horizon Care will also be talking about EDI, particularly how to attract and retain neurodivergent talent in the workplace. Kate Omonigho Pearson and Jess Sollom from Genius Within will talk about the positive impact that a neurodiverse workforce can make. Lucy Adler of SHL will look at how inclusive recruitment starts with the hiring manager mindset, and she will also look at the importance of job advert language and fair assessments.

Tara O’Brien from Oxford Health NHS Foundation will be showcasing how to craft an exceptional Candidate Experience to help create moments that candidates will remember. Paul Howarth from IIOP will be looking at what makes an employer of choice and how to attract and retain people. Raj Hunjan from Checkpoint explores the evolution of the Talent Acquisition role and will help people understand the value that they provide to their businesses. Taking a strategic approach to drive positive change, for true innovation in equity, will be a session from Dagmar Albers and Ursula Tavender, from Innovation in Equity. This is a particularly important session for people who know what they need to do but sometimes struggle with how to do it and are not sure how to measure their success.

The masterclass sessions will include sessions from Dan Wells of TalentPoint on the importance of conducting engaging consistent interviews, whilst Rowan Marriott from AudienceLink will be looking at how to transform recruitment for the future of work. Are you following the same old processes and attraction methods as you have in the past? Rowan will show you how to increase the number of meaningful applications as well as reducing reliance on advertising spend.

Piers Collins of will look at new technologies and what they mean for new ways of working for the next generation, and Sheena Mobley of Suran Stephens Consultancy will share how to incorporate your vision and mission as you share your brand to attract talent.

There will also be a fireside chat with Andrew Grier, an HR Leadership & Talent Acquisition Professional who specialised in the analysis and change implementation of HR & TA solutions. He will be joined by TA leader Andy Long (head of resourcing at Restore PLC) and TA leader and mental health coach Colin Minto to chat through how to adapt to ever shifting employment trends, the balance between permanent & interim professionals, and plenty of other current trends and talking points in the world of Talent Acquisition.

Sponsors include Audience Link, a recruitment transformation company helping to put digital innovation and sustainability at the heart of their clients and Furthr, an ESG consultancy and leader in green employee benefits, who will be helping businesses with sustainable strategies to align benefits with environmental goals. The bronze sponsors are Instant Impact, whose people-focused approach helps transform hiring and improve diversity.

The Business Disability Forum will be one of our DE&I event supporters, sharing strategies to remove the barriers to inclusion along with Purple Tuesday, who work with businesses to improve accessibility and promote inclusion. CIFAS will be talking about financial crime prevention. The media partners are Personnel Today Jobs, OnRec and SME Jobs.

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