Improving cash flow in your business

Forget networking charm and illustrious marketing strategy. The most important aspect of any successful business is healthy cash flow. The basic premise of healthy cash flow is you want to see more money coming into your business than going out. If the opposite is true of your business, that’s a good indicator that all is not right. Thankfully, you need not have anxious, sleepless nights over it because there are a few ways to improve cash flow in your business.

Here are three ways to improve cash flow in your business:

  1. Business loans

You can immediately improve cash flow in your business with a loan. It might seem counterproductive to borrow money when you are strapped for cash, but the fact is a loan is a foreseeable expense. You will know what amount your repayments are, and when they will leave your account. Because of this, a loan is easy to budget for.

Cash flow loans are a specialist product offered by lenders. They are designed to give businesses an instant cash boost. With cash in the bank, you’ll have newfound financial flexibility and the cash you borrow can be used to pay all essentials.

Of course, a business loan isn’t the solution to all your cash flow woes. We’ll look at two more ways to improve cash flow in your business below.

  1. Set up auto billing

Most businesses experience cash flow problems because they don’t get paid on time. If you are experiencing this very issue, you can eliminate it entirely by setting up auto billing.

Auto billing drafts money directly from your client’s bank account or credit card on a set date every month. This means you are guaranteed to get paid, and it also means you’ll know exactly when the money’s going to hit your account. This works for repeat customers on a contract and it also works for single projects. You just note a one-time payment in the system.

You can setup auto-billing free with PayPal. There are also dedicated financial platforms that handle it. Your accountant might also offer such a service. Auto billing is the best way to guarantee payments on a date you choose.

  1. Start ‘cutting’

‘Cutting’ is a term used in the fitness industry to describe becoming leaner. It can also apply to businesses and help with creating healthy cashflow. The basic premise of this is you’re going to get rid of non-essential expenses and reduce the amount you pay for the essentials. Anything that isn’t essential to business operations can go and anything that is essential can be had cheaper.

That expensive smartphone contract you have? Get a cheaper deal on renewal. Those electricity bills you pay? See if you can switch. Those expensive orthopaedic office chairs you have your eye on? Set yourself a smaller budget. By reviewing your expenses and listing all your non-essentials, it’s easy to reduce monthly outgoings so you have more cash. Above all, be savvy and make smart use of the cash you have.