Hybrid workers named happiest in the world

A mixture of working from the kitchen table at home and engaging face-to-face with colleagues in the office has been found to be the preferred status quo for employees as it makes them the happiest.

The news was published in WorkL’s Q2 Employee Experience Insight Report 2023 – the employee experience platform that measures, tracks and improves employee engagement and employee happiness at work. The data which formed the report, is taken from over 8,000 individuals globally during Q2 of 2023 from the free WorkL Happy At Work Test and it reveals both the global and UK preferences when it comes to where employees are happiest working.

Globally those hybrid working in Q2 have a happiness score of 73% compared to those working full time from home with 72%. UK hybrid workers score 70% compared to full-time home workers scoring 69%.

It’s employees who are obligated to be in the office full time that are the unhappiest, scoring just 66% for UK employees and 68% for global workers.

A recent report on the transition of employees heading back to the office shows that 49% of workers are now full time in the office with more and more organisations asking for employees to head back to the office full time.

Lord Mark Price, Founder of WorkL comments on the news; “Our data shows that a mix is better than either full-time at home or full-time in the office- something for all employers to take into account when navigating a transition- if there needs to be one at all. We must not forget the lessons the world learned through COVID- that a mixture of working from home and the office clearly makes employees happier, improving their overall Wellbeing dramatically. I encourage employers to ask their employees what they prefer, and to read our Q2 employee experience insight report to understand employee sentiment better.”

WorkL, which launched in 2017, along with WorkL For Business, now helps over 300 businesses globally improve the happiness and engagement of their teams and has seen over 500,000 individuals globally take the free WorkL Happy At Work Test which helps people determine how happy they are in their current job.