How to start a new business? It’s more a case of where . . .

Birmingham Cityscape
A new spirit of entrepreneurship is emerging, far away from London’s Square Mile or Silicon Valley.
The most ambitious candidates identified by the numbers openly expressing their interest in wanting to start a business cane from Birmingham.
Card machine provider Dojo has created a nationwide index of the most business ambitious cities, using data such as five-year growth, employee numbers and survival rates.
They were able to use this to apply an index score and Birmingham came top with a score of 186 out of 250.
Birmingham had the second-highest number of people searching for “how to start a new business” on Google and also claimed the highest number of businesses with more than 10+ people, having 3,985 of these large companies.
Bristol came in second place, scoring 176. The city’s impressive 42.8 per cent business survival rate, and the 2,275 large sized businesses registered in the area, indicated the strength of business there.
Growing brands such as OVO Energy, an independent energy supplier, and YellowDog, a workload management platform have found their hub in the city.
In third place was Leeds, scoring an index score of 172 out of 250. Over the past 12 months in the city, there was a 63 per cent increase in Google searches for “how to fund a new business”. It also scored highly on the number of large businesses with 3,640 registered.
London came in fourth place scoring 170 out of 250. Leicester was named fifth with a 10.58 per cent growth in new businesses over five years contributing to its score of just under 170.
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