How partnerships can help unlock the true potential of mobility

The world of commercial mobility is evolving at a pace never seen before. From the type of vehicles used by businesses and the fuel needed to keep them going to the regulations in the cities where they operate – change is everywhere. This disruption brings with it new challenges and opportunities, with increasing demand for mobility solutions that are safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

Webfleet, Bridgestone’s global fleet management solution, forges innovative partnerships with both new and traditional service providers to answer that demand. By integrating meaningful vehicle data into partners’ solutions, it is helping provide next level services to customers and creating new business models. Together, the true power of partner solutions are being unlocked.

Why partnerships are essential

For a fleet service provider that wants their current proposition to reach its full potential, data is a crucial component. And telematics is the key that unlocks the data flow. Reliable data creates a complete view of the value chain. That visibility helps providers to pin-point where and how they can create extra value for their users at every stage.

For example, Scoobic Urban Mobility, left, a company that designs and manufactures 100 per cent electric vehicles for last mile and urban delivery, partnered with Webfleet in January 2022. Through this collaboration Webfleet provides real-time vehicle data to Scoobic users, allowing them to optimise their routes based on remaining battery driving range, schedule maintenance and update customers on delivery times. With this, they can improve workforce efficiency by up to 30%.

“Webfleet has been a leader in integrated fleet management for over twenty years,” said Taco van der Leij, Vice President of Webfleet Europe. “Today, we connect more than 1.2 million vehicles worldwide. Partnering with us means working with the experts, accessing state-of-the-art technology that’s easy to integrate. It’s about delivering joint value to our joint customers in our market and beyond.” 

A spotlight on the partnerships

Webfleet is always looking for new opportunities to help companies build bigger, better mobility solutions. And during the last two years it has launched some powerful partnerships. Here are some of the highlights. As of September 2021, Webfleet is a preferred telematics partner of the leading supply chain visibility solutions provider project44.  With this partnership, Webfleet customers can immediately share their data for real time shipment visibility.

Webfleet also built additional functionality for the project44 platform, which simplified the carrier onboarding and integration experience, with no need for manual setup or risk of misdocumentation, while also enhancing data safety.

Scoobic partnered with Webfleet at the beginning of the year. All new Scoobic vehicles will come equipped with Webfleet fleet management technology and premium Bridgestone tyres. This EV solution provides information on battery level, charging time and nearest charging point, helping Scoobic’s customers to manage and optimise their operations with a pay-per-use model.

In June 2022, Webfleet teamed up with Muses, an eOEM based near Paris. Muses will install Webfleet to all its Muses eLCVs – a new range of vehicles designed to transport goods in and around cities. The full suite of Webfleet services for electric vehicles will be available to end customers upon request, which will allow real-time monitoring of battery level, consumption, recovered energy, remaining drive range and charging time.

Chargylize is another innovative solution provider working in the e-mobility space. Webfleet joins forces with Chargylize to deliver a solution that allows fleet managers to plan their electrification journey step by step with accurate telematics data lighting the way.

Chargylize simulates the switch to suitable e-alternatives based on the actual driving and parking profiles of the fleet vehicles as well as the existing charging infrastructure, while Webfleet provides the telematics data for the fleet electrification check.

 How partnerships help our joint customers 

Customers are at the heart of everything Webfleet does. Every partnership launched is driven by that same purpose – enabling businesses with fleets to reach their goals, whether that means reducing fuel consumption, upgrading safety, boosting productivity or whatever else they need to get done.

Taco van der Leij said: “These collaborations reinforce our market leadership in the telematics space and offer our customers additional value. Thanks to partnerships with providers like Scoobic, project44, Chargylize and Muses, customers are accessing state-of-the-art technology in a way that would otherwise not be possible. Our partners also share our commitment to giving customers a simple setup, easy on-boarding and the highest level of data security. With that in mind, data sharing between our partners’ platforms is limited to only what is necessary to provide an optimal service.”

Survive and thrive

Collaborations such as these open up new possibilities for what solution providers can bring to the market. They are the key to unlocking the full potential of mobility solutions, allowing Webfleet and its partners to create better solutions, reduce their carbon footprint and expand their market reach. Most importantly, these partnerships give today’s fleets the service they need to survive and thrive in this rapidly changing time.