How has Covid affected mental health and addiction?

Guest Post by Ian Mann 

COVID-19 has hit the entire globe hard. The virus has not only impacted people physically but it’s completely tortured those who’ve yet to come into contact with it. How? By having hugely detrimental effects on mental health. 

From fear to uncertainty, anxiety to social isolation leading to loneliness and economic repercussions, people have suffered immensely at the hands of this virus and it looks set to continue for a long time to come. 

According to a very recent study carried out by the Well Being Trust, the severely high levels of stress, unemployment and isolation that have been caused by the Coronovirus pandemic could be responsible for a whopping 75,000 so-called deaths of despair relating not only to suicide but drugs and alcohol related issues. 

we were in the middle of a mental health emergency before the virus hit with suicide becoming more prevalent than ever

The pandemic has caused exceptional worry and concern for everyone, whether people have lost their jobs, been isolated from friends and family or actually contracted the virus themselves.

The effects of social distancing itself, lockdown, losing loved ones and even the over-consumption of media reports is taking a far bigger toll on people’s mental health and their wellbeing than the government would like to admit and it’s having lasting effects which could very well continue well after lockdown is lifted.

The restrictions that have been put in place in order to help prevent the spread of this virus, have instead had a rather profound impact on the way we not only live our lives but our outlook too. 

Our mental health has taken a huge hit. It’s commonly known that we were in the middle of a mental health emergency before the virus hit with suicide becoming more prevalent than ever. The pandemic has only increased these problems further and with our NHS already under strain, help for those that need it most hasn’t been as available.

It’s no surprise however that those with problems such as drug addiction to name one, have found themselves becoming ever more reliant on their substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Whether they’re in the middle of a substance abuse problem or worse still, finding themselves slipping back to old habits on their road to recovery due the impact on their own mental health.

Research in the US has seen a need for an alert to the possibility that those with substance abuse disorders could find themselves hit particularly hard, especially those taking drugs that have an effect on the respiratory and pulmonary health of the user as the virus attacks the lungs making it even harder for these individuals. 

It’s also worth noting that those with substance abuse disorders and other addictions, are more likely to experience homelessness and imprisonment which can pose very unique challenges when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus as well as subsequent treatment.

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Ian Mann is founder and CEO of Infinity Addiction Solutions