How best to manage your vacation rentals remotely

Running your rental properties can be a challenging job, especially when you’re miles away. However, it is possible to effectively manage your rentals and deliver a 5-star experience with the proper steps and tips. From leveraging a short term rental software to hiring professional handymen, we discuss some top steps to manage your vacation rentals.

1. Invest in a Vacation Software

Gone are the days when vacation managers had to handle all tasks manually. With a functional vacation rental channel management software, you can streamline your tasks and easily manage your property. Most channel managers have features that help manage multiple properties, communicate with guests, automate door locks, accept direct bookings, etc. A vacation software is like a one-stop dashboard to manage your vacation rental property.

2. Communicate With Guests

Communication is a vital part of managing your vacation rentals and improving customer experience. It’s necessary to get in touch with your guests, so find a constant channel you can use to communicate with guests. Also, respond to messages as fast as possible, get in touch with guests when they check in, collect feedback, and encourage them to reach out if any problem arises. Communicating with your guests will make them feel you are close by.

3. Hire a Property Management Company

It may be a little stressful to combine being a long-distance vacation manager with other jobs. An excellent way to reduce the stress of managing property remotely is by hiring a property management company. A good manager will be there to welcome guests, assist with marketing, receive bookings, and address issues. Meanwhile, always conduct thorough research before hiring a vacation management company to ensure you work with the right partner.

4. Add a Home Security System

Automating your vacation homes with smart products is a great way to make things easy for you and the guestS. The first thing you want to do is to set up a home security system to make it easier to monitor your home from a long distance. Invest in smart locks, Noiseaware, outdoor security cameras, and other home smart devices. If you have outdoor security cameras at your vacation home, it’s essential to inform your guests.

5. Stock Your Rentals With The Necessities

The last thing you want is getting a call from a guest that they need bed sheets or a pillow. So, it’s best to provide all the necessities and basic suppliers a guest may need before they check in. You can also work with a manager to monitor your rental property and ensure all essential things are available for guests.

6. Partner With Reliable Contractors

One of the cons of managing your rental home remotely is that you may not be there when something goes on. Any issue or delay in fixing a guest’s problem and your rating will start dropping! The good news is that you can have standby contractors who can attend and resolve any issue that may arise. So, partner with contractors and handymen like electricians and plumbers and contact them for issues that may arise at your vacation home.

7. Don’t Forget to Market Your Property

If you want to reach more customers and increase bookings, then you need to market your property. List your property on vacation and listing sites, use social media to advertise, and invest in paid ads to increase the visibility of your rentals.

Bottom Line

Sure, it’s normal to be far away from your vacation properties but don’t leave it behind. Check up your vacation properties once in a while and use the tips above to streamline your task and improve guests’ experience.