HMRC on hand to help with tax returns

Free help from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) ahead of the Self Assessment (SA) tax deadline is available with special question and answer sessions for small businesses as part of the Small Business Forum (SBF).

The SBF has a team of experts from HMRC who answer any questions coming their way from customers about their tax affairs as quickly and simply as possible. Anyone can join the forum but the discussions are aimed at helping small businesses and the self-employed get the information they need to easily keep their tax affairs in order.

Those who join can take part in discussion and post 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the forum format means anyone using the site will be able to see the responses others have received so they can get questions answered fast.

As the January 31 deadline for SA tax returns approaches, HMRC is hosting Q&A sessions on the SBF on how to file, paying taxes for the first time, and how to us HMRC’s digital services. These Q&As are aimed particularly at new enterprises and start-ups but ay self-employed person or business can sign up to the platform, which launched in August.

There are 5.4 million small enterprises in the UK which make up 99% of all UK businesses and the vast majority are made up of only one or two people with an annual turnover of under £50,000. The SBF Q&As will help these traders with any issues and make sure they know everything they need to do their taxes correctly.

Businesses looking for Self Assessment advice can also access HMRC’s YouTube videos and webinars through the forum for help on a variety of topics related to their returns.

HMRC’s Customer Services Director General, Angela MacDonald, said: “The Small Business Online Forum is a vital tool full of great advice and handy hints to make life a little easier for those starting up in business. All small firms should take advantage of the Q&A sessions, especially with the Self Assessment deadline approaching at the end of January.”

The deadline for sending 2016-17 tax returns to HMRC, and paying any tax owed, is January 31 2018. Businesses can also share their experiences and knowledge on the SBF. Just sign up with an email address, password and create a username at: