Business Champions revealed

Full list of Heathrow Airport’s Global Britain Business Champions:


A Barrow-in-Furness-based company (pictured above) specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of no-spill glass and drinks holders for the outdoor leisure market. Carabarlife supplies its products from the North West to a global market through Heathrow, using air freight to deliver their products safely and quickly to international customers. The company has plans to build on its Heathrow export links to expand further in the US.


A Farnborough-based company, which designs and manufactures maritime technologies and systems for the offshore energy, defence and science sectors. The company exports its delicate and expensive equipment to between 20-50 countries a year, including the US, Canada, Singapore and Japan. Sonardyne uses Heathrow to reach its international customer base safely, often under pressure from tight commercial or operational deadlines.


A manufacturer of ultrasonic safety instruments for the naval and defence sectors, based in Wells, Somerset. The specialist and delicate nature of its equipment means it needs to be exported quickly and securely, with minimal days lost in transit – making Heathrow the ideal export partner. More than 90 per cent of Coltraco’s products are flown to 125 different countries via Heathrow.

Micropore Technologies

A solutions provider for specialist particles and emulsion manufacturing based in Redcar. Micropore exports to around 30 countries via Heathrow, taking advantage of the time savings offered by air freight. Located near Teesside airport, the company makes use of Heathrow’s direct regional connectivity, forging links between Teesside and the rest of the world. Micropore was also a 2017 World of Opportunity winner.

Premier Packaging Solutions

Based in County Down, Northern Ireland, Premier Packaging Solutions is a manufacturer of bespoke and eco-friendly packaging for high-end restaurants and retailers. The company exports mostly through air freight, using Heathrow to reach over 33 countries – including Australia, Canada and New Zealand – as well as other regions across the UK, trusting Heathrow to ensure their luxury goods arrive quickly. Premier Packaging Solutions was a World of Opportunity winner in 2018, a joint initiative between Heathrow and the Department for International Trade to support SMEs’ exporting ambitions with grant funding.


Myenergi designs a range of energy control products designed to optimise renewable energy use at home. The Lincolnshire-based company exports to Norway, Australia, France, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and New Zealand.  As a global business, it relies on Heathrow for the transportation of many of its goods, such as installers, as well enabling its workforce to keep connected to its international subsidiaries and liaising with an ever-increasing customer base.


A Yorkshire-based company which designs and builds special purpose firefighting and rescue vehicles. The company exports its specialist and custom equipment to over 70 countries worldwide, using Heathrow to transport its equipment safely, as well as to provide a vital transport link for its team of global field engineers who often need to reach customers quickly.

Ormiston Wire

West London-based Ormiston Wire develops specialist wiring. This specialist wiring has a wide range of uses, from delicate surgical sutures to special effects applications for the film industry and even a past umbrella installation at Heathrow to raise awareness for neurodiversity. The company exports worldwide to Australia, Africa, the US and Europe. Given Ormiston’s specialist products are lightweight, air freight through Heathrow is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to reach its international customers.

Reza Wood Designs

Reza Wood is a family-run Scottish woodcraft company that transforms recycled oak scotch whisky barrels into one-of-a-kind gifts and furniture pieces. Reza Wood exports through Heathrow so its customers in the US, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Australia can receive their orders quickly and safely. It is also looking to use Heathrow to expand into Asia Pacific markets. Reza Wood Designs was also a 2018 World of Opportunity winner.

Snowdonia Cheese Company

An award-winning luxury Welsh cheese company based in Snowdonia National Park. This family-run business, it exports to over 25 countries through Heathrow, including Hong Kong and Singapore, opening up significant global opportunities for the business. The company needs to transport its food items quickly, making air freight via Heathrow the best option.

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